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Winter wedding dress to buy a trick
Say the girl in the day of the bride is the most beautiful, married the day must be the most beautiful angel. Choose to marry the bride in the winter there are some sweet troubles, because a lot of beautiful wedding dress can not wear, to the degree can not be temperature, to the temperature can not be demeanor, there is no possibility of grace, temperature two it?

A, sleeves

Wedding is naturally beautiful as the first, because the cold winter, the bride recommended long-sleeved wedding dress, but remember not to wear the feeling of cotton-padded jacket, thin as onion and lace texture, is the best choice, looming white skin, Coupled with a lace embroidery pattern, will look very nice. Wedding dress with the best choice of the retro section, both warm and dignified look.

The shape of the sleeve is roughly divided into two kinds, one is Baoshen, that is, the normal sleeves, the second for the art of sleeves, that is, can have horn sleeves, or court sleeves such a style, but the choice of sleeves and pink wedding dress collar with There are stress, such as the normal sleeves, the requirements of the collar is not very high, high collar, round neck and so can, but if it is the art of the sleeve, then the collar design is best to be simple, so that it will not messy. After this selection of wedding, I believe the bride will not be affected by the cold climate and suffering, but also can show their most perfect side.

B, big swing

In the winter election big wedding dress, the bride can wear flesh or milk white cashmere trousers, and then put on stockings, so the lower body is very warm. Close tailoring wedding, winter try not to consider. With such a big wedding dress, wearing a long glove is also a good choice.

C, shawl

pink wedding dress Many of the wedding dress is now Bra, choose this wedding, be sure to take into the hair shawl. Because the general style of the wedding, are no care of the style and no shelter, certainly will be very cold, if changed into a shawl wedding, then the same can be beautiful not frozen people.

D, color

Skin color white bride, compared with no dress on the deployment of color taboo, skin color dull yellow bride, try not to test purple, sapphire blue, cinnamon color, copper and gold color of this dress, because purple, sapphire blue will make the original It is not enough white skin even more dull sallow, and cinnamon, cheap wedding dress lotus root, copper and gold this kind of tone of the dress, will be compared with the Oriental people have more yellow skin synthesis of a sense of illusion, there is no way to reveal the focus, And even can not tell the boundaries of the skin and dress. Skin darker bride, you can choose bright color of the wedding dress, you can create a healthy sexy atmosphere, healthy skin showing a sense of gloss, you can perfectly set off the charming characteristics of the bride.

E, fabric

Wedding dress the best choice of warm colors, or sequins effect of the fabric, try to avoid silk, chiffon, soft satin, large mesh yarn and other people feel cool fabric. Winter wedding even wear Bra wedding, the best choice for texture comfortable, thick, strong insulation bridesmaid dresses fabric, like thick satin, velvet, etc., are good winter fabric choice.