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Winter wedding also has a new choice: warm and elegant long-sleeved wedding Yanshen four friends
From a Western perspective, long-sleeved wedding dress is a very traditional style, with a solemn, stylish old-fashioned impression, but as time goes by with the ingenuity of the designer, long-sleeved wedding dress can also create a wide range of New formal dresses style, and in addition to warmth, but also modified arm lines and stature, so long-sleeved wedding dress for most of the bride are very good choice. In addition, the horn sleeve style for example, loose cuffs can cover the more rounded arms, with some lace design aids, we will automatically move away from sight, even if the elegant tailoring or embroidery can also have a corresponding Style changes, so that you stand out on the wedding day! The long-sleeved wedding dress with some other design elements, you can meet the different needs of the new bride.

If you want to show the skin outside the long sleeve, you can choose the V-neck or halter style; and want to show the sexy curve of the bride, you may wish to consider personal fishtail skirt type, with looming transparent soft yarn, romantic and attractive eyes.

The same word long sleeve wedding dress has the same unparalleled temperament, whether supplemented by meticulous embroidery or elegant soft skirt, are quite elegant choice. In addition, the word collar is more suitable for narrow-shouldered girls, the use of clothing to widen the shoulders, you can make the overall shape and proportion of better.

Many wedding dresses will use embroidery and lace, applied to the long-sleeved wedding dress, of course, is also very close together, matched with a bunch of beautiful bouquet, to create an elegant feast.

Elegant luxury wedding dress style recommended

Classic tail cut, dazzling delicate lace and embroidery, generous big halter and corset ... ... a collection wedding dress of all women's fantasy and charm. Dreamy and exaggerated wedding skirts, stitching stitching and embroidered flowers and flowers has added a sweet romance to meet every woman's expectations and longing for the princess.

short wedding dress Elegant and yet sexy design style, dreamy charming covered with flowers, which bride to resist the charm of this wedding it? Glossy silk and tulle embroidery stitching combination to create this unique style and temperament Bridal wedding. The same tail cut bridal gown, the details of the upper body has a different design, two wedding presents also gives a different style and feel.