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White dress evening dress dress bridesmaid dress elegant sweet
Wedding dress fall long section

Wedding dress to the long section of the dress, the waist of fine yarn embroidery, so that your beautiful girl, full of charm, hollow chiffon long sleeves just right of the hazy vision, increase the woman's small sexy.

Exquisite round neck, shoulder through the yarn, exquisite, selected pearl satin, exquisite comfort, from every point of view are so elegant, chest design, add women's soft temperament.

High-end banquet evening dress

Fashion sexy ladies dress, soft and romantic yarn embroidery skirt as you gentle and delicate character, chiffon sleeves purple wedding dress sleeves just right of the hazy hidden, harmonious body unity.

Multi-layer chiffon skirt design, materials used, but also elongated body proportions, glowing soft luster of the three-dimensional embroidery with exquisite aesthetic sense, eye-catching eye-catching, upper body design, sexy full.

Pink Puff Sleeve Dress

Slender chiffon dress chiffon dress, the choice of French imported chiffon rendering, with chiffon fabric, made of fine three-dimensional flowers, very magical.

Hand-sewn in the upper body and skirt, single-layer speaker sleeve cover to the elbow, elegant and romantic, with the color waist belt waist beautiful, improve the waist, elongated lower body ratio, three layers of yarn skirt, elegant Smart.

Long evening dress dress skirt

Fashion Slim dress skirt, semi-perspective of the chiffon wrapped around the small shoulders, just the release of sexy but will not appear exposed, long skirt design of the three layers of yarn skirt, the whole person's temperament set off.

There is a kind of ethereal feeling, full of Xianwei, before the hollowed out the manual hand decals, take a long time to bring more meticulous feminine, mature embroidery process, so that the flowers described realistic and three-dimensional.

High-end banquet evening dress

plus size dresses High-end dinner dress, which is a beautiful wrapped chest wedding dress, wrapped chest has been the classic dress section, revealing sexy shoulder, sexy and elegant, wrapped in the chest of short wedding dress the three-dimensional nail flower, exquisite. High waist design, with a pair of high heels, very long legs long, behind the fold skirt design, very elegant, have to say that this dress for most people's temperament.

Deep V sexy ladies dress

Deep V Slim evening dress, exquisite shiny imported sequins using a unique beaded design, thin and elegant inlaid in the skirt, smooth fit the leg curve. Sexy little V collar open just right, and will not be too exposed, hazy shoulder design release sexy while making dress more convenient, white has always been a symbol of elegance.