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White and purple pink blue, colored wedding show different gas field, the bride come pick you what kind of!
General wedding photography studio wedding dresses of less than 200 sets, as many as thousands of sets, we choose wedding photography often look for wedding photography style selection, not knowing the dazzling wedding, different colors have their special meaning.

1, white

White is the traditional color of the wedding. White on behalf of fresh, flawless, ice and snow, simple. Table pure flower girl dresses sense, and relaxed, pleasant, giving a sense of sacred and solemn. In the new era, white is the darling of young people, long white wedding elegant and elegant, as if the day off half of women; short paragraph white cute charming, innocent girl as arouses love and affection.

2, purple

A bit cute, mysterious, noble, elegant, also represents the extraordinary position. Most people lavender appear more, there is a sense of pleasure. Purple noble and elegant meaning, mysterious full. In the West, purple also represents the noble, often become the love of the nobility of love; purple is also a symbol of noble, while slightly with some melancholy, is the Western emperor of the service color.

3, red

Red in the Chinese tradition is very clear meaning. Warm, lively, publicity, auspicious, optimistic, festive meaning. Even in the white sky flying today, red is still essential to marry the color, and the red wedding, still by most of the new welcome.

4, pink

Pink wedding dress is the most common in Qingdao wedding, pink unique warm, delicate, youthful, bright, romantic, happy young people welcome, wedding dress also appeared a lot of pink series. The color of the technical requirements of the high, if the match with the good, will make people feel warm, not with good words, will feel depressed.

5, light blue Ning Xin, elegant light blue, contrast the bride's reserved and noble, is a romantic and inner world rich bride's best wedding color.

6, blue

wedding dress Blue is a symbol of good luck, and people since ancient times to wear blue clothes to ward off evil spirits, because blue is the color of heaven, and evil forces to avoid this. Blue can also protect people from being persecuted by evil. People also agree that blue can bring good luck. Dark blue can represent aloof, melancholy, reticent, light blue on behalf of innocent, pure. While blue also represents calm, stable. European countries symbolize in blue.

7, green

Green wedding symbolizes a positive, active, full of vitality, giving a comfortable, comfortable feeling.

8, black

Ruthless, mysterious, solemn, worry, such as and graduation dresses other colors match that there is a sense of concentration and focus.

Different colors of the wedding gives the feeling is not the same, ready to shoot wedding bride hurry to collect it, to see which color is more consistent with your temperament.