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Wedding wedding dress selection, teach you by breasts wedding!
Calf and bag shoulder wedding, for the crowd: arm thick sister who!

Focus on it! If you happen to be an excellent bride, the arm is a bit thick, the most suitable for the shoulder, and the shoulder strap just fell on your shoulders below the arm, cover the fat parts, leaving the United States and the United States Parts, if you happen to have a good clavicle, revealing more charming!

beach wedding dress Example: good body + charming clavicle, freeze your most beautiful moment! Counter Example: even if such a body, wearing a shoulder wedding dress or look particularly fine arm it!

Heart shape wedding, for the crowd: a chest of the bride!

Chest love shape, not cocktail dresses only look sexy charming, more able to highlight your slender neck, so you become a queen general noble and elegant.

An example: looming sexy elegance

One word wedding, suitable for the crowd: the smaller bride bride

The most suitable for the flat chest bride style! In the vicinity of the shoulder directly cut, clavicle will be able to show elegant, other parts should not be highlighted too much, then the big chest has become a cumbersome.

Bra repair wedding, for the crowd: chest and clavicle of the bride

Chanel's founder said: a woman must have the views of life, a small dress. All kinds of perty, cocktail party, high-end place, you can see the existence of the collar, Bra-style wedding is also a very popular style. First of all you have a chest to put the Bra to wear, but also exposed half of the charming beauty back.

Around the neck wedding, for the crowd: tall temperament of the bride

Not everyone can control around the neck wedding, first of all you have to slender neck Caixing. Around the neck is actually a kind of jewelry, a variety of beautiful straps with elegant jewelry necklace earrings, you are the most dazzling wedding that queen adults! Do not try the bride's shoulders!

Big round neck wedding, for the evening gowns crowd: gentle or covered with the shortcomings of the bride

The most classic and generous style, round neck to open the high elegance and elegance. Round neck open lower, sexy gentle, but also wild!

V-shaped wedding dress, suitable for the crowd: a gas field bride

V-collar can be said that very sexy atmosphere, and put on you to turn the red carpet big star! If the back is also a deep V, it is really sexy and elegant, if with a fish tail wedding, more people can not be open, of course, the body requirements are also high!

Small round neck wedding

And big round neck like, but the collar closer to the neck, mostly lace dotted, sexy feminine full! But not for the bride of the bride, after all, can not blur the key thing!