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Wedding veil, turned the most beautiful bride
Each girl has a wedding dream, see the window furnishings of the wedding will always imagine their own way to wear, and his beloved his affectionate section of the envy of the eyes of the crowd under the line. Now the popular variety of wedding style, or simple or handsome or sweet, do not need extravagant waste, but also can transform the most beautiful bride!

Is the wedding simple and easy, or is it necessary to have a grand rumor? The answer is a matter of opinion. But for the style of wedding dress crush whether they have their own vision and ideas? Nowadays is also popular with a "go away wedding", wear the United States and the United States da skirt will be able to travel while taking pictures. Come and see here the Variety bride wind, there is always a style you want!

Dream princess tone

Of course there are a lot of crush hope wedding dress like Alice in general, can wear a big skirt princess pompon skirt. Baroque wedding like a fairy as sweet and fresh, absolutely able to meet your fantasy!

long sleeve wedding dress Wedding in a bold color, full of fantastic details of the design flower girl dresses turned out. Sweet wedding dress worn on the bustling wreath in the woods, like the wizard fairy fairy, so that girls envy.

The word shoulders chest fashion design, three-dimensional was thin waist at the same time beautiful natural. Lace flowers sequel pieces embellished a little extravagant, lily white mopping the big skirt tow like a dream fog, a little extravagance.

Retro palace wind

Retro palace pink wedding dress wind, with the medieval ancient atmosphere, flowers, three-dimensional embroidery fabrics will be luxurious and simple integration. Plus lotus leaf or fishtail skirt modeling style, with elegant and beautiful look elegant.

In addition to three-dimensional embroidery lace fabric, retro palace wind plus bead tassel gap embellishment, so you do not need too much jewelry decoration, but also make you stars shine, even more elegant and charming temperament.

Super sweet princess Qi Peng Peng skirt design, lace and sequins in the sun under the mapping gives a kind of court gorgeous sense. Small halter design for the bride add sexy taste, fashion petite dresses and luxury interpretation to the United States, full of characteristics! Very fit this year's popular style, it is suitable for lawn wedding and other light wedding dress.

European minimalist style

European style minimalist advocate minimalist wedding dress, simple in their own soft, lace and pompon skirt and metallic texture of the taffeta make the traditional bridal dress more modern, and look dignified very generous.

Upper body oblique shoulder design, sexy exquisite and elegant charm, high split and fish tail style skirt is very elegant dream, revealing the delicate toes, you can jump as smart as Smart, a variety of beautiful you create.

Minimalist wedding dress is not makeup, but also do not wear heavy heavy tail, there is no body shining diamond, which is nowadays popular light wedding style, completely natural show bride beautiful style.