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Wedding plus size wedding dress dress is not easy to read these you really understand what you really want
Wedding purchase should start from collar type

Elegant and charming calf style

Shoulder-style wedding collar wrapped in the shoulder below, revealing the clavicle and shoulders, suitable for chest full of pear-type body, clavicle obvious, handsome, arm thickness uniform people wear better look. But not suitable for shoulder width, too skeleton, arm thick people, and the chest is too small, easy to fall shoulder strap.

Dignified beauty package shoulder style

Wrapped shoulder wedding collar more wrapped, suitable for clavicular protruding people, can modify the clavicle, let it more soft. Also suitable for arm and flesh, you can hide the arm, but try, the arm must not have a tight, squeeze sense, otherwise it will weaken the modification effect. Skeleton is too small or narrow shoulder is not suitable for people, will be loose, temperament was weak.

Sexy temptation V word collar

V-shirt more feminine taste, it is more suitable for the full range of people, and can stretch lines, even if the more fat people can also be modified to wear thin. If you want less charming temperament, you can choose lace petals V neck.

V-neck is very pick the shoulder type, wide shoulder can choose a wider shoulder strap wedding, fine pattern can be modified, such as dense distribution in the upper body of the small blouses of small floral red dress design, showing trapezoidal and bare a wide chest Area, so that the shoulder does not seem so strong look. Not suitable for thin, skinny people.

Noble Bratty - Chicken Hearts

Braised skirt for petite, chest size suitable people, such as B cup or C cup. Because the shoulder is more exposed, if it looks flesh, choose the heart of the heart is more appropriate. Try, the armpit obviously out of fat can not buy.

Simple atmosphere

maxi dresses One of the characters wedding dress is the choice of small chest, because it straight down the tailoring design, will not highlight the chest. But the chest will destroy the character of a sense of design, was unexpected. One word often has a calf (the above has graduation dresses been described) and sleeved two, sleeves style more, according to the characteristics of the arm to choose. Arm of the rough people can choose profile sleeves, such as the trumpet sleeves; arm too thin people can choose elastic lace sleeves, arms can be tightened, so that wedding more fit.

Gentle and elegant hanging neck type

Hanging neck type for the neck long and thin people, and some people although the slender neck, but most of the more effective larynx, just choose this collar type of wedding can cover live. Because the hanging neck will be exposed arm, wrapped around the chest design, easy to show the meat, so not suitable for arm and chest small people. And not suitable for small people, will be sub-sub-pressure lower.

Retro high cold around the neck

Winding collar are generally V-neck design, so the chest full of the right, such as hanging neck type is not suitable for small people, and height requirements more harsh, height above 1.7 meters for the best. Shoulder wide people can choose this section, even more tall and body line. Narrow shoulders and chest small should not buy.