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Wedding dress with how to match the wedding?
Many accessories are the least wedding formal dresses gloves, especially the Western-style wedding bride held. It can not only increase the bright spot, but also with the ring with the perfect match. Here to see how the wedding gloves with it!

In the Victorian era, the rise of the gloves of the wave. Later in the thirties and thirties of the last century, this wave was once again set off, in order to express solemn, all the ladies to attend formal occasions, we must wear gloves. Wedding also wear gloves, which is more of a solemn expression. Today, whether the wedding wear gloves by the bride to decide, but under normal circumstances, the gloves or wedding bride's essential goods.

pink wedding dress Second, the skills 1, from the color point of view:

In general, you should first choose a good wedding dress, and then pick the wedding color closer to the gloves. At the wedding, the bride likes to wear pure white or white white wedding dress, so in the choice of gloves, it should be similar to the two colors or the same color. In the bridal salon, you can casual dresses also ask the owner is equipped with a glove with.

2, from the fabric point of view:

The fabric of the wedding is made of yarn and lace, or satin. So for two kinds of fabrics, with the gloves should also be yarn lace or satin. In order to prevent the whole look a single, gloves can be modified, but not too fancy, overwhelming often will play a bad effect. But if the wedding style and design is very luxurious, gloves can not fall on the cliche.

3, from the season point of view:

In the hot summer months, gloves are of no use to us. But at the time of the wedding, in order to decorate, gloves can be used. So, there is no finger gloves and finger gloves of the points. In the summer, you can choose no finger gloves, you can avoid the heat; if in the autumn and winter season, you can let the cold hands hidden in the gloves in a short warm, and the diamond ring on the gloves wrapped in the fingers.