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Wedding dress selection of small tips
1, full type: If the bride is the kind of maxi dresses body is more plus size dresses plentiful type, then the blue wedding dress global brigade Xiaobian proposal can be appropriate to choose V-neck, low waist or simple lines of the type of style wedding, cheap wedding dress for other expressive richer , For the collar of the decoration can be white dress pink wedding dress relatively rich, so that people can be the attention of the body from the lower body to the upper body of the body, it will not appear petite dresses so fat. Here the world brigade Xiaobian reminder, pay attention to the veil selection at this time can choose the kind of simple flower girl dresses or slightly longer veil.

2, abundance type: If the bride is the kind of body is more boring type, then the new graduation dresses bride recommended small people can wear a skirt body is relatively loose, low-type or sleeveless style design type can be formal dresses the same Resulting in the visual effect is to move the overall feeling, so the whole newcomers suddenly charm to highlight the whole, wearing short beach wedding dress wedding dress a wedding dress so the effect of the wedding will be more ideal and more coordinated.

3, chest fullness type: If the bride is the kind of body for long sleeve wedding dress the chest fullness, then you can plus size wedding dress dresses for women according to the advantages of the new line evening gowns of good selection of low-cut dress to be modified, but the proportion of the body must pay attention to, if cocktail dresses the proportion is not taken into account Of the words or have red dress the opposite effect, the world brigade Xiaoben must be suitable for such bridal style is the kind of heart or collar design is relatively simple type of wedding, so that you can appropriately weaken the chest line of exaggeration.

4, petite exquisite type: If the bride is more petite type of body, it is best to avoid the decoration of large ornaments, this will only be counterproductive, become more petite, but here the world brigade Xiaobian think you can use tight type casual dresses Or the waist is a little higher wedding style, so that people can see the relatively slender, there is bridesmaid dresses no petite so that evening dresses one said. prom dresses If the bride wants to wedding dress show the lovely side, then you can pick the kind purple wedding dress of strapless, sleeveless or short sleeve style wedding, so that the effect of both lace wedding dress the performance of the slender and the bride's lovely side.

cocktail dresses Can be seen whether it is in the wedding or wedding time, the election for a wedding for their own what is important. I believe that new people read this small series of articles can receive a little inspiration, their own body and wedding style has an idea.