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Wedding day is not beautiful, the most important wedding dress
Every bride wants to become a unique and most beautiful angel on the wedding day, but in the selection of the wedding, always encounter such a problem, today I will keep you about science, their body in the end to wear what wedding is suitable.

Pick up the wedding dress often look at the eye, but in fact almost all of the wedding can be summarized in the following five categories of gold. Hourglass-type body called the most perfect body, there are breasts ass, the focus is slim waist, that is, we often say that the bumps have caused. This body to wear any wedding are no problem, all the wedding is tailor-made for you.

In fact, for this body, each type of wedding are hand to capture, but want to maximize the advantages of their own, may wish to choose some people can not control the wedding, such as fishtail skirt style.

Puff skirt is almost suitable for all the body of the bride, the use of fluffy lower body to modify the waist lines, the most common is the gauze material, layers of yarn skirt will add some lively and playful feeling.

Satin skirt than the tulle material skirt skirt short wedding dress plus size wedding dress more able to show the individual's noble temperament, a word collar design, can be a good modification of the upper body curve, so that the meat on the arm is not so obvious. This style of wedding, suitable for Apple-type body, is the upper body of the bride to wear more beautiful look!

dresses for women A word skirt with the pompon skirt, are the use of fluffy lower body outline the waist, but compared to the relatively subtle contours, but also the most popular inside the skirt style.

The following wedding for tall girls, especially the H-shaped formal dresses girls are particularly suitable for the use of irregular wedding dress and cloth, the body of the curve carved out, so that H-type body into the envy of everyone's hourglass Type body.

Different body for different wedding, must be selected for their own stature wedding, rather than blindly choose the wedding looks good, not suitable for their wedding will be counterproductive Oh!