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Wedding day bride to wear long sleeve wedding dress several sets of clothes in advance to choose a good wedding dress
The bride in the day of marriage to prepare several sets of dress, in general, the bride wearing four sets of clothes at the wedding on it, of course, may be different local customs will be different, then get married bride every day to wear clothes? Here to understand the next bar

First, the wedding day the bride wear several sets of clothes

1, out of yarn

Out of the yarn is the bride and groom, to the parents toast when wearing, but it is best not to use the design of the big tail, try to choose the light of the wedding dress, it is best to choose a shoulder strap wedding, so easy to walk the bride. Do not use the skirt out of the yarn, or groom hold up the bride and respect the tea kneel when there will be embarrassing indentation. Out of the yarn is also very important, if you choose to be able to attract everyone's attention, so pick up will be more bother.

2, the main wedding

The main wedding is very important, you can choose a special luxury style, where you can choose the big tail of the wedding, and then add a little pearl, diamond to do embellishment.

prom dresses 3, evening dress

Evening dress is used to interact with the guests to wear, do not choose and go out the yarn and the main wedding dress the same style, it is necessary to reflect the body of the perfect curve, but also to facilitate the bride walking, blue wedding dress it is not easy to accident, the best Is to choose a short paragraph of the wedding dress, so that in the future when the banquet can also be dressed.

4, cheongsam

Cheongsam on the bride's body requirements are relatively high, improved cheongsam is more loved by the bride. The use of lace, as well as the decoration of the big skirt, so that the bride wear more relaxed. Cheongsam is generally in the wedding toast when the last time to wear, are generally red-based, because the red festive, the best choice of silk fabric, wearing more comfortable, it will not appear so Yong swollen.

The bride should use his left hand holding the bouquet, the right hand slightly set off, so feel very warm. If it is a very large beam of flowers will use both hands holding, so look more generous decent The bride to the rise of the chest, his legs naturally drooping, the arm naturally bent, his hands on the flowers above the abdomen. Remember not to put the flowers on the chest, because this should improve the shoulder, giving a sense of tension.

The above is the wedding day of the bride dress introduction, prospective bride before marriage in the election wedding dress it.