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Wedding, the Hongyan toast as a protagonist debut
Bride married wedding dress

Exquisite cloak, highlight the neck white, delicate lace shoulder, outline the arm lines, Ying Mei beaded sequins design highlights the gentle and gentle temperament, exquisite lace skirt design, hook Lou slender legs.

Three-dimensional cut, luxurious purple wedding dress and elegant, red color, facing the white skin, delicate and charming, heavyweight hand-sewn process, stunning eyesight, blooming charming gorgeous.

In the long sleeves wedding dress

Rich and elegant temperament of the lace collar design, neckline splicing sequins lace adds a trace of sweet atmosphere, perfect waist design, showing the devil figure, charming hot body line, firmly grasp the eyes of everyone!

Bride pregnant women short dress

casual dresses Sexy Bra, adhering to the classic, hazy texture fabric, slim version, sequined embellishment, sweet and lovely, visual enjoyment, body sculpting bandage, easy to adjust the elastic, full of retro atmosphere.

Pregnant women big size wedding dress

Fashion lace fabric highlights the elegance and softness of women, gentle and pleasant image arises spontaneously, high waist design was thin while giving the baby enough space for the event.

Bride red evening dress

H version of the type, do not pick people, with a straight line to form a rectangular outline, covering the chest, waist, buttocks and other parts of the curve, it can make space between the clothing and the human body, in the movement hidden shape, showing relaxed and elegant dynamic beauty The

Bride red long evening dress

Lai Choi phantom carved lace, prom dresses Seiko cast, monkey veil temptation, flower shadow with the streamline cut, high waist line design three-dimensional beam wrapped in the pink wedding dress United States waist,