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Twelve constellations beautiful wedding
Best for Aries wedding dress: plus size dresses sweet feather wedding dress

Feather wedding temperament must be pure and sweet girl to set off, Aries that pair of innocent to the extreme eyes of the most appropriate such a temperament, white skin with angel wings general feathers, sweet not have wood. Lively, active, cute is the characteristics of Aries girls, so a shorter wedding can make the heroine more vibrant, take pictures when more free and unrestrained.

The most suitable for Taurus wedding: diamond flowers wedding

Taurus wedding must be enough to shine, in the diamond spot in the dream of the perfect wedding, every Taurus dream of the freeze, may wish to embellish the beautiful flowers on the wedding, the whole look more perfect. Plus a special veil, a little extraordinary and very beautiful, the Taurus beautiful figure, and its beauty to enjoy the day show.

The most suitable for the twin of the wedding: sexy strap wedding

Gemini usually looks Taidalielie, the heart is still very small woman, so the ceremony in the wedding, we must put their women temperament vividly demonstrated, so sexy strap wedding, the most likely to get Gemini's favor.

The most suitable for the wedding of Cancer: swallowtail towel wedding

Long swallowtail, a few lovely little flower girl, bright sun through the church window, exposure to the bride's face in the Cancer, looks warm and beautiful, so wearing a swallowtail towel wedding wedding bride the most happy.

The most suitable for the lion's wedding: Greek shoulder wedding

Like the gods generally appear in their own wedding, the Leo's mother, obviously a little woman, but can live a big paradise, giving a sense of happiness in the world, and even his partner will feel like the wedding was light Shrouded. Princess marriage is the most able to blue wedding dress show the extravagance of the lion, plus fringed diamond bracelet belt, as the royal family like the same, to attract the eyes of the city.

The most suitable for virgin wedding dress: Tube Top fish wedding dress

Virgo body is very good, so the wedding needs to reflect the Virgo's perfect body, especially the elegant clavicle, do not reveal how to see the perfect curve to the Virgo, Bra repair well Oh, and the fish tail is also in line with public aesthetic The Plus a pink belt, matched with a pink flower ball, with the most perfect.

The most suitable for the scales of the wedding: hanging neck lace wedding dress

Some of the retro elements of the wedding dress, but the overall people feel particularly considerate and comfortable, and Libra gives the same feeling, always so intimate, so warm clothes, people feel that as long as his side will be happy. Romantic little yellow headdress, so that the bride more temperament.

The most suitable for Scorpio wedding: net version of cicada silk wedding

Rarely see someone like Scorpio shirt, even if the decoration is not the net version of cicada silk also allows Scorpio looks sexy and moving, distributed in the wedding mysterious color, so the wedding day to wear such a wedding can Can show their own good body.

cocktail dresses The most suitable for the shooter's wedding: lotus puff wedding

Usually pegged to the wild used Sagittarius, in the wedding day, should be safe and graceful sub-once, so with the lotus leaf and Peng Peng skirt outline the perfect curve is the best choice Oh. In the moment of expression of commitment, more special significance.