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Twelve constellation female most suitable wedding type, you get it?
Girls from the young girlhood, will be fantasy that he is a beautiful princess, handsome red dress prince will someday will be riding a white horse. In reality, the wedding is the most beautiful woman in the most beautiful time, and a suitable beautiful wedding, is the common pursuit of girls.

Best for Aries wedding dress: sweet feather wedding dress. Feather wedding temperament must be pure and sweet girl to set off, Aries girl bones are pure angels, white skin with angel wings general feathers, sweet not have wood.

cheap wedding dress The most suitable for Taurus wedding: diamond flowers wedding. Taurus girls are the perfect combination of small girls and big women, a kind of money can be retreated to defend the feeling Oh Taurus wedding must be enough to shine, in the diamond spot in the dream of the perfect wedding, every Taurus dream of the freeze, may wish to embellish the beautiful flowers on the wedding, the whole look more perfect.

The most suitable for the twin wedding: sexy strap wedding. Gemini usually looks Taidalielie, the heart is still very small woman, so the ceremony in the wedding, we must put their women temperament vividly demonstrated, so sexy strap wedding, the most likely to get Gemini's favor.

The most suitable for Cancer wedding: swallowtail towel wedding. Cancer is a natural constellation of aristocratic temperament, the kind of innate noble style, only a long swallowtail to set off a better, a few lovely little flower girl, bright sun through the church window, Cancer bride's face, looks warm and beautiful, so wearing a swallowtail to drag the wedding of the bride's most happy wedding.

The most suitable for the lion's wedding: simple shoulder wedding. Have to say Leo girls born with queen gas field, smiles can give a huge sense of deterrence. Like the gods generally appear in their own wedding, the Leo's bride, obviously a little woman, but can live a big paradise, giving a sense of happiness in the world, and even their partner will feel like a wedding by the light of the Enveloped.

The most suitable for the virgin wedding dress: tailored wedding tail. Virgo body is very good, and the character is relatively mild, for the choice of wedding, they are still very public eyes. So the wedding needs to reflect the Virgo's perfect body, especially the elegant clavicle, do not reveal how to see the perfect curve to Virgo, Bratie good Oh, and the tail is also very consistent with public aesthetic.

The most suitable for the wedding dress: hanging neck lace wedding dress. Libra gives the same feeling, always so intimate, so warm clothes, people feel that as long as his side will be happy. Lace beautiful and gentle, very consistent with the character of scales.

The most suitable for Scorpio wedding: net version of cicada silk wedding. Rarely see someone like Scorpio shirt clothes, even if the decoration is not the net version of cicada silk can also make Scorpio looks sexy and moving, so the wedding day to wear such a wedding can show their own good body.

The most suitable for the shooter's wedding: lotus puff wedding. Peacetime pegged to the wild Sagittarius, in the wedding day, should be safe and graceful sub-once, so with the lotus leaf and Peng Peng skirt outline the perfect curve is the best choice Oh.

The most suitable for Capricorn wedding: shoulder sequins wedding. Capricorn wedding relative to others is always lace wedding dress late, but the real happiness is late to have nothing to do, so when Capricorn wearing a seductive shoulder dress, full of sequins appear, we still give The most true blessing.

The most suitable for the bottle of the wedding: V-neck sling wedding. See the description of the already already feel super sexy right, Aquarius slender figure, the flow of the spirit, are the perfect people eyebrows, is the best choice for the bride.

The most suitable for Pisces wedding: pearl bubble wedding. Pisces is a romantic poet, met love often become Meng Meng da da fool. Puff Sleeve is lovely, dotted with beads of jade pearl, each groom will instantly change the satyr, perfect husband and wife life, hope and pearl as rounded Oh