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To the bridesmaid, what kind of dress the most appropriate?
Grass 1: Fairy Series Puff Skirt

For you to recommend this fairy skirt, the girl wearing sweet, more white and tender skin and temperament, not only suitable for high-level banquet level, the design of the skirt is very thin upper body, upper body stitching embroidery, , But also for the girl's temperament to show a small sexy. Light blue silk is very romantic wedding style, coupled with pink embroidery, put on the girl was also the aesthetic atmosphere of infection, fresh and elegant, modified stature. To say that this fairy series of dress, the biggest bright spot must be very suitable for the romantic theme of the wedding, the word shoulder design with a thin cover the effect of meat, perfect play the most beautiful bridesmaid.

Grass two: a word shoulder temperament dress

Upper body was thin effect super, the selection of high-quality thin fabrics, put on the girl is very petite and lovely feeling, waist complex and delicate details of the deal, to show the girl slender Liu Liu, posture excellence, extraordinary temperament. Skirt white cherry blossoms and black skirt body to form a strong visual contrast, elegant graceful soft affection people can not help but look at this elegant girl. To say that this dress the biggest bright spot, version of the design is absolutely successful, exquisite tailor to give skirt dream-like sense of beauty, short before the long slender girl legs, full of beauty.

Grass three: in the sleeves splicing dress

Dream of lace stitching, so that the girl wearing a little girl in the sexy little lovely, beautiful three-dimensional flowers is to let the girls at the banquet dazzling, so elegant tailoring, so that the beauty of the curve to show the most vividly. Light, comfortable, generous characteristics make it suitable for a variety of occasions to wear, shoulder long hair scattered behind, elegant little woman's temperament is completed. The biggest highlight of this stitching dress is not only neat cut, beautiful temperament is maxi dresses in the crowd shining presence, nice, own some style.

Grass four: long temperament dress

For the ultra-fat girl to bring a unique charm, Slim version of the type will be slightly fat body tranquil hidden, smooth lines are sketched out the graceful curve, exquisite lace print skirt skirt outline a clear three-dimensional, Details are the quality of the show. When the romantic environment and the integration lace wedding dress of the beautiful lace, there is no sense of violation, buttocks in the long version of the version of the design, this is the girl goddess style children. Less girl's innocence, more embodies the young woman's soft temperament, dress simple and generous, from the long hair made your neck slender.

Grass five: elegant sweet dress

beach wedding dress Version of the cut is also very girl for the sake of the legs, simply with high heels can reflect the perfect ratio of girls, only such a goddess style children, self-confidence and the United States.