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The perfect focus | how to dress to do a qualified and pink wedding dress shiny green leaves ~
For friends to participate in this occasion, in addition to bring as a friend's blessing, the natural have to be a good measure of their own wearing, the beauty of you, how to wear enough decent, do not grab new limelight, which may be a good idea.

About color.

Do not choose white dress, white wedding day bride's exclusive color, so guests should try to avoid.

To avoid wearing like a hacker empire to attend the wedding, some traditional customs more taboo black, you can choose dark blue instead of black, or add some bright color accessories, such as belts, handbags, necklaces and so on.

Wedding day most of the bride in addition to the white main wedding, the choice of red dress as a toast, etc., so guests try not to choose red, so as to avoid overwhelming.

To participate in the wedding, do not recommend wearing too much color clothing to monochrome or is the two colors with the best, too much color will graduation dresses become too frivolous integration. You can choose pink, blue, beige dress, rose red and so on

Clothing style.

To avoid the harness or thin belt and other too sexy dress, if you have to choose, you can add a suit jacket, so that the temperament is not too high-profile.

Do not choose to drag the dress to participate in a friend's wedding, too grand, you are to send blessings and red envelopes, do not give the impression that you are to drop the stadium.

Even to participate in their very familiar friends of the wedding, not too casual, the wedding is a formal occasion, shorts and shoes or to avoid, solid color high heels is a good choice.

Wedding occasions.

Hotel wedding is more formal occasions. So you can choose dark dress, fabric texture to be elegant, not too casual

If the lawn is the theme of the wedding, the general new people will be marked in the invitation to dress requirements, if there is no clear requirements, you can choose bright colors of clothing (but do not brighten the bride Oh), not too serious.


purple wedding dress Although the modern wedding is not as solemn as the evening dresses traditional wedding, but the best is to avoid sports shoes, choose some bright colors of high heels or on the election.

If you choose the flower pattern or other patterns of clothing to attend the modern wedding, it is recommended that the accessories must be simple, or simply do not take, to avoid too pick and conspicuous.

Whether it is traditional or modern wedding, attendance or to follow a certain dress requirements and taboos, if it is not with the choice of the most insurance method to wear, do not overwhelming.