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The new wedding dress is unique to the ultimate beauty
Wedding as a carrier carrying happiness, it conveys the hearts of every girl in the best love of longing, the most beautiful time in a woman's life than put on the wedding dress that moment, all the happiness and laughter in this moment bloom. The perfect design of the new wedding dress, will be satisfied with all your needs, experience the unique beauty of the petite dresses ultimate!

Stereo roses tail wedding

This three-dimensional roses wedding dress wedding dress, the choice of imported Austria Swarovski crystal, looks more permanent shine, fashion bright, delicate hand-beaded embroidery plus crystal, blooming charm posture. Chest perfect love design, revealing charming clavicle, just right out of the outline of the perfect chest, highlight the elegant temperament and taste. Slim strap design, body long sleeve wedding dress sculpting first-class more waist, roses surrounded by long tail wedding, the bride as if from the flowers came the wizard, sweet temperament is self-evident.

purple wedding dress Lace Tube Tail Wedding

This lace painted chest fish wedding simple and generous, revealing the mermaid-like sweet atmosphere. Light brown sweet bow, embellished in the waist very vivid, full of princess like pure and lovable! Body sculpting first-class back strap design, instantly gather the waist of excess meat, self-cultivation fashion show exquisite posture! Silk and yarn Perfect combination, simple in the noble, Glassbeads Embroidery in the upper body spread, elegant and simple to show to the extreme!

Beautiful white gauze flowers wedding

This beautiful white gauze wedding dress seems to be the mainstream of the wedding design, with the veil of the same charm even more beautiful charm! Gorgeous but not exaggerated highlight people can not ignore the importance of it will be the perfect clavicle line no doubt, more The main thing is that it can be any of you with jewelry, whether it is pretty or luxury, there is no need to worry about exposure to light problems. Waist design sense, for you to show a perfect S curve, skirt is the girl's favorite blue wedding dress tail wedding, so you become domineering, Yan pressure Qunfang Queen, as long as you wear it, charming temperament will be easy appear!