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The most beautiful twelve pieces of wedding dress, what is your fancy?
Feather wedding dress must be temperament to bring out the pure sweet girl, Aries that pair of innocent to the ultimate eye the most appropriate such temperament, white skin with angel wings feathers, sweet not wood.

Taurus wedding must be enough sparkling, the perfect wedding in the flick of diamonds, every Taurus dream freeze, may wish to embellish the bright flowers on the wedding dress, the overall look more perfect.

Gemini usually look pink wedding dress Taitailielie, the heart is still very small, so the ceremony of the wedding, we must show their femininity vividly, so the sexy strap wedding, Gemini most likely to get the favor.

Long tails, a few cute flower girl, bright sunshine through the church window, the face of Cancer bride, looks warm and beautiful, so wearing a dovetail wedding dress bride happiest.

Like a deity usually appear in his wedding, Leo's actress, obviously a small woman, but can live a great example, giving a kind of sovereign flower girl dresses happiness, and even his own partner will feel the wedding seems to be shine Shrouded.

pink wedding dress Virgo body is very good, so the wedding need to reflect the perfect body Virgo, especially the elegant clavicle, do not show up to see how the perfect curve to Virgo, top well, and fish tail is also in line with popular aesthetic .

Some elements of the retro wedding necklaces hanging, but the overall feeling particularly comfortable and considerate, and Libra feel the same, always so cocktail dresses intimate, so warm docile sense, people feel as long as he will be happy.

Rarely saw someone like Scorpios so shirt, even if there is no net decoration of the screen also allows Scorpio looks sexy and touching, so the wedding day to wear such a wedding dress can show their good figure.

Usually Amoy got used to the wild Sagittarius, the day of the wedding, should be soft, sweet and safe once, so the perfect curve with the flounced and pompon skirt is the best choice.

Capricorn's wedding always come later relative to others, but the real happiness, it is late to come to nothing, so Capricorn wearing attractive shoulder dress, covered with sequins, we still give The most blessings.