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The most beautiful bride, of course, have to wear the most beautiful wedding!
Whether it is formal dresses wedding or wedding, you want to be in the day the bride into the best of the day, certainly not the blessing of the wedding. Although this is a look at the face of the times, it is no cocktail dresses exaggeration to say that the emergence of this magic wit, is absolutely saved most of the girl's self-confidence. But think about it, makeup and then the United States, hair and then pretty, you wear a 50's kind of wedding, not Xiaobian fight you, you can definitely list the most ugly bride list. Although the king can not afford to wear Kao Ling Ling as high wedding dress, rent a cost-effective and good-looking wedding is not a difficult thing. So today Xiaobian gave everyone to bring the honor of Nanjing Milan 2017 new wedding, absolutely let your eyes light up, do not wear the United States do not.

Whether it is to take wedding photos to show the most beautiful side, or wedding do not want to be bridesmaids steal the spotlight, choose a beautiful wedding is a must do.

In such a flowering has been to sunny May, wearing such a European style wedding dress location or brigade is a good choice. The details of the exquisite workmanship, with the warm and yet lively colors, pretty pink, naughty blue, full of girls are ah!

Is there any feeling of a noble European court style? Slim tail, hem design to the wedding Tim a touch of playful; and large skirt wedding dress can not only show a good slim waist, skirt not only feather texture design, there is another flower embroidery wedding available select.

This is a large tail tail yarn with a large tail embroidery veil, shoot out the effect is really not too stunning. Strongly recommended to take wedding photos of the bride have the opportunity to wear it to take a wedding!

evening dresses Want to show their sexy side of the bride can choose this wedding, self-cultivation at the same time very elegant, sexy but not too exposed, a kind of "still holds partly concealed" hazy beauty.

Do these European wedding dresses have a way to poke your heart? Like not to hesitate, every girl is worth the best!