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The first issue of the wedding white dress age
graduation dresses Marriage is a happy thing, wedding dress is an essential part of marriage. Choose the right wedding for the bride is also a major event in life. Although the young married people are inclined to pursue the personality of the wedding, but still try to move closer to the trend. This period of the wedding is still based on individual fashion.

1. Women once a lifetime of the wedding, wearing a white wedding moment, the mind is intertwined in this life is the most perfect holy and flawless.

2. simple and generous soft veil, flying in the meantime, suspected from the heavenly fairy, but it is a real world scenery.

3. long tail wedding is every woman from the girlhood began the princess dream, but also in recent years, popular style. Long tail because of their own revealed by the elegant and luxurious, and by the bride's favorite.

4. piercing the mysterious legend of the mermaid, every design is just right, perfect, can not name. The bride has a mermaid when the sea is looking forward to fear and hurt the complex mood, people love and pity.

5. Delicate dance, lightly to, is a row of school breeze, light show girl dream girl dress. Everything just waiting to leave that string of graceful walking, flying clouds like misty Shenzi.

6. white symbolizes the demure, elegant, but also covers the lively, sexy, the so-called static as the child, moving as off rabbits. It can make the skin more white woman more whitening, but also make the skin dark Qiaoyu hair pretty.

7. cut smooth lace white yarn, Seiko fine carved thin yarn, cleverly covered in the crystal satin dress, is away from the hubbub of pure and sacred. The bride is always the most dizzying, dazzling scenery, the most beautiful art ornaments.

8. Loose lace skirt, decent tailoring, so that the curve wedding dress is more slim, skirt on the pure white buds, wedding dress on the face of the pink smile, golden autumn, so come.

White gorgeous, the original beautiful like a dream, the bride wear white Seduction, like the clouds fall beautiful fairy, a dream like a fantasy fantasy diffuse, provoke the love of your man's heart. And as angel-like neat but not much words, arouses pity. Simple lines, more than the figure, fashionable style, Wan Li's ripple, chic hand holding flowers, only white wedding yarn only know how beautiful.

10. bright red, is passionate, is unrestrained, is sexy, is the charm. One of the red dress of the bride, can not help but add to the sunny wedding plow mature pregnant and frenzy, obsessed to forget their own.