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The fianc chose the third paragraph, but I was more enamored with the beauty of the fourth paragraph.
Court luxury long tail wedding dress

Romantic and beautiful lace embroidery embellishes the luxurious palace's long tail, revealing the bride's graceful posture and shocking the audience. Exquisite lace embroidered upper body, with a touch of elegance and luxury, so that the bride reveals a sexy and charming chest shape, showing elegant appearance!

One-Shoulder Large Size Long Trailing Wedding Dress

Fresh lace flowers, delicate nets long tail, beautiful and elegant, let you calmly manage any occasion, become the most beautiful wedding bride! The sexy V-neck design is complemented by romantic lace appliques that add an exquisite beauty and unleash the unparalleled fashion appeal!

Europe and the United States long tail wedding

The beautiful long tail adds a touch of immortality to the bride. She looks like a fairy who has fallen from the mortal world. She is amazingly beautiful and inadvertently stunning wedding dress the audience. Imported high-quality mesh fabrics, breathable skin-friendly, static is drape, the line is elegant, in the "men" of women, can instantly come and go gentle and moving!

maxi dresses Princess Dream Long Tail Wedding Dress

Exquisite three-dimensional lace long tail design highlights the bride's elegant charm! Create a princess-like fantasy wedding that will make you unforgettable and intoxicated. Lightweight and elegant high-quality fabrics, like water-like smooth and silky. Sage around the fresh and refined, creating beautiful and elegant Xianmei incomparable!

Long tail wedding dress

Crystal clear high-quality pure white gauze adds a touch of immortality to the clothes! Elegant shoulders combined with lace embellishments, romantic and aesthetic! The golden ratio of tailoring, to evening gowns create exquisite tall figure! Luxury long tail highlights the bride's noble and beach wedding dress elegant!

Dream long tail wedding dress

The luxurious long tail is covered with exquisite lace, and the fantastic fairy temperament is blooming! Both European luxury and luxury style, and sub-system design of small fresh! Fashionable V-neck shoulders, low-key is amazing, the perfect combination of flowers and beads, exudes a distinctive glory, shine in the lights!