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Summer should wear such a dress, charming and moving!
evening gowns With romantic charming style to describe it is not really enough is the United States fried Oh skirt onions and flowers of the inkjet printing natural fresh, the upper body with a corset dress design rarely skirt design, so you have to start friends ~ ~ Chest cup with a thin sponge can be directly without wearing a single underwear, chest and waist are multi-chip legislation to fully show the curve, big skirt, walking between the swaying vacation camera on the mirror of the incredible friends ~

Dazzling green and white floral embellishment French elegance style and more so a trace of retro charm double wrinkled silk printed down feeling strong feeling some ice cold feeling cross V collar to show confident neck makes people more noble Throat design waist gently light random elegance natural hem irregular cross skirt pendulum is more of a charming ~ looming if a good pretty good!

Summer you need bright colors warm red rose printing Sicilian romantic style The whole skirt also uses heavy art flower embroidery, especially the skirt of the Eugen yarn embroidery. Skirt lotus leaf embellishment, not need too much decoration and match, it is the crowd with the most Yaohe that one!

Every girl has a pink little princess in the heart of the `we selected a very good cherry powder texture is very good cotton blended. Collar cuff skirt are decorated with a fungus flower girl dresses lace design collar with a pearl buckle black tie embellishment, you can light the bow and played a hit color effect. A word skirt does not pick people show legs long, behind the body is a sweet little lift!

Elegant and romantic a skirt instantly let you become the goddess of the wind when the wind was really sultry done before the body pants, this is the dress Oh, even more optional dress ~ no people choose, sleeves made a five-point sleeve more Should be summer V-neck design was thin and high exposure to show the neck curve, lotus leaf add sweet sweet taste ~ collar there are special hand-made tassel, waist rubber band does not pick people, supplemented by belt light belt, holiday But also the fairies do not ~

2017 summer new Europe and the United States was thin Slim lace stitching V-neck strap temperament long sleeveless dress

Is not a hot feeling, simple and stylish high waist shorts, in the summer wearing a very appropriate, is worth considering the choice....

2017 summer new features collar fashion short-sleeved knitted brushed dress skirt Slim was red dress thin split dress dress

2017 summer new sexy slant leaf lotus leaf Slim was thin bag hip fake two pieces of long section irregular dress

2017 summer new fashion large size printing V-neck short sleeve Slim thin bag hip irregular temperament dress

2017 summer new fashion suit speaker sleeve sleeves jacket plus high waist retro color split open hip hip dress