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Sexy tail wedding dress
Long cocktail dresses tail fishtail wedding dress

The translucent neckline design is subtle, and the shells are carefully crafted in the form of sewn flowers. The vines spread everywhere are everywhere.

Shoulder long sleeve lace wedding dress

The three-dimensional flowers work fine, the sleeves use two layers of imported single wire mesh, the inside layer is straight sleeves, close to the skin, the outer layer is a puff sleeves to highlight the lively

Retro collar wedding dress

The design of the three-dimensional lace with the handmade pattern allows the entire upper body to be vivid and vivid, with a lively atmosphere added to the petals.

2017 gradient feather long tail wedding dress

Gradual skirts, multi-layer design, romantic and aesthetic, so that the focus is on their better body above, white silk rendering quiet blue, youthful elegance. Glowing effect with progressive color, light gradient tutu, mantle draft magic draw, pull waist, slim waist, beautiful and charming.

2017 word shoulder feather tail wedding dress

Lightweight feathered bra straps add prom dresses a feminine touch to the sexy chest. The unique tailoring, highlighting the slim waist, holding your hands, gentle world.

The bride wearing white yarn is pure and elegant, like a goddess. Large flower petals scattered skirt, romantic aesthetic. Let you become the most desirable and happiest bride.

short wedding dress Long tail wedding dress

The beautiful white yarn, the dream and noble embodiment, the combination of beautiful and elegant artistic conception, sexy shoulders, revealing the charming clavicle, highlighting the bride's elegant fashion.

3D stereo waist slimming, to evening dresses make a charming devil figure, eye-catching fashion. Patchwork is a well-balanced band. The lines are fluent and beautiful, free to adjust and classically exquisite.