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Put this dress, the moment into the audience focus
High-end jacquard shenzhen dress

wedding dress This is a high-end dress that can be worn at a banquet. Simple version of the type, a needle line reflects the exquisite workmanship. Waist was thin, dignified dignified and generous. More able to mention hip cheap wedding dress was thin

Short sleeve net yarn lace skirt

Lace silk yarn gives a sense of mysterious sexy, with a wide skirt, walking elegant Smart, romantic and elegant. Complicated and delicate patterns throughout the skirt body, high-grade elegant.

Wedding dress dress dress

Elegant V-neck design, unique and stylish and generous. Waist exquisite flowers, both play a decorative role, but also bring out the joy of participating in the banquet mood, let people shines.

High-end temperament collar collar dress

Women need a dazzling costumes, witness the beautiful moment. Designed for the Oriental women to design a skirt, upper body luxury temperament, superb details of the exquisite feeling of classical elegance.

Lace stitching velvet short sleeve dress

Improved cheongsam style and fashionable modern version of the type of integration, to create a suitable for the East female beauty dress. Collar of the exquisite lace prom dresses pattern, filling the details of the exquisite workmanship. High-grade temperament.

Diamond V-Nail Bead Velvet Dress

Dignified elegant dress, the secret lies in the self-cultivation of the tailoring design. Not only waist was thin, but also play the effect of hip. V neck collar more delicate face delicate. The bead of the waist gives a noble and delicate feeling.