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Pregnant bride pink wedding dress wear what wedding dress recommended wedding dress
If the mother of the bride's pregnancy month is usually within 4 months is not to see out, the bride is able to choose their own for all kinds of wedding. But 4,5 months after pregnancy more and more obvious abdominal, when the wedding style has been picky. Pregnant bride wear what wedding dress?

Pregnant women wedding dress recommended

Light and elegant under the skirt

Thin and elegant hem can reduce the weight of the lower body. The material of the gauze is naturally formed by the folds that can conceal the body.

Pregnant bride wear what wedding dress recommended wedding dress

High waist wedding dress

High waist wedding dress is not perfect waist of the bride's magic weapon. Waist below the natural fall of the A-type skirt can be perfect to modify the curve.

Double shoulder strap wedding dress

Double shoulder dress can bring a special period of the bride to a sense of security, at least not to replace the underwear, so that can be a lot more security, especially in the winter. Waist style can focus on the upper body in the upper body.

Satin wedding dress

Choose forging the wedding, this will be more thin. Of course, if the pregnant women are very cold, you can also choose a sense of transparent lace, so both the wind and not cumbersome.

Inverted triangle pattern modified waistline

Design in the visual form of an inverted triangle pattern, play a role in the modification of the waist line, sequins and pearl decoration for the whole wedding played the role of finishing touch. This wedding is blue wedding dress very suitable for outdoor wedding dress.


It is understood that pregnant women wear wedding style, the price of rental than ordinary wedding slightly higher, tailor-made often higher than the rental price Although the price of rental is slightly higher than the ordinary wedding, but its production and design are very beautiful. After dress and wedding gloves, holding flowers, auxiliary decorations, belly body can be a good modification.

casual dresses Although the wedding dress can be adapted to the bride during pregnancy, but this kind of wedding dress future utilization will be lower than ordinary wedding dress, the cost is high, so it is not recommended. But if you really need to tailor the wedding of the bride, in time to fully advance at least 2 months in advance.