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Palace wind long tail wedding, noble and elegant, so you a romantic holy wedding
The princess dresses the princess wedding dress

The use of imported high-quality network of yarn fabrics, static is drape, the line is elegant, and then "man" of the women will instantly out of the gentle and moving ~ sexy simple word shoulder, beautiful three-dimensional lace flower decoration, the back of the bow Design, highlight the elegant temperament ~

The tail of the cut design, exquisite arc package edge, showing the bride slim waist, so that the bride's beauty has always been the same prom dresses ~ gorgeous tail skirt, full of exquisite lace flowers, fresh and elegant, easy interpretation of romantic ~

Big tail V-neck wedding dress

Perspective V-neck of the shoulder design, so that the clavicle and chest lines are more gentle and gentle; three-dimensional waist cut, chest and waist of the fish bone support upper body, so bride body type more upright pretty ~

Peach heart-shaped big halter, the United States back effect is obvious, zipper design, more simple and easy to wear; dream long tail, exquisite lace flower winding, filling the European light luxury wind.

cheap wedding dress Long tail wedding dress

Sexy lips, revealing the delicate clavicle and neck white, small sexy yet elegant, very charming; three-dimensional waist, rose pink flower embellishment so that the whole wedding has become warm and romantic, more Beautiful atmosphere ~

Back for the strap design, very European style of the palace wind ~ tail is very atmospheric, hazy mesh, exquisite lace flowers embellishment, the atmosphere elegant, enhance the temperament, the European-style light luxury for the beautiful ~

V necklace word long tail wedding dress

How lucky, met you in a beautiful age, did not live up to their casual dresses own, very luxurious a long tail wedding dress, sexy V-neck, revealing looming chest, full of charm color ~

Three-dimensional waist cut, showing the bride graceful waist curve, so that the body more sense of lines; elegant tail skirt, romantic lace embellishment, highlighting the bride's princess-like noble and elegant ~