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Only dress dress alone grace, so you always have bucket of capital
Evening dress dress

This pure white dress dress is very atmospheric, style is simple and fresh, with a small silver bag, temperament suddenly raised up, gentle atmosphere, suitable for the dress to participate in various banquets.

Pack hip dress skirt

The same is a pure formal dresses white dress, but the use of the hip design, so you wear more temperament moving.

Mini dress

graduation dresses Big red dress is also a lot of people like the style, big red is a very beautiful style, coupled with the design of the pompon skirt, there are a trace of small cute in which.

Harness dress

This is very thin, but sexy yet elegant, wedding dress simple waist design, so that dress highlights the body, highlighting the charm of a woman.

With a small dress

The feeling of the little girl next door, round neck shoulder design, sexy also appears to be very slender neck! Skirt with a solid color treatment, it seems Slim and thin There is a small split design is to add a trace of sexy.

A shoulder dress dress

Dress the atmosphere of taste, fine printing process, as the overall increase in the highlights of the clothes, pleated version of the type of more self-cultivation was thin, solid color, upper body three-dimensional effect is good, highlight the beautiful Jiaoqiao!

Formal dress

Slim thin design, highlight the body, highlight the elegant temperament, intimate zipper design, so that meticulous beauty show.

Printing dress

Romantic woman and plus size dresses beautiful dress tightly related, a woman who knows how to love their own love will love life better, love to wear, do a so that other people are envious of the woman. However, Ying Bao can now have the achievements and her own efforts must be inseparable.