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October gold wedding week, your wedding selected it?
Wedding dress 2017 white dress new Korean version

Gold wedding week is coming, ready to enter the marriage hall of the small partners, you know that the most beautiful woman wearing a wedding, a wedding of their own whether you are ready?

There are many wedding style, the first thing that catches the eye is the tail type, this is also a lot of small partners preferred, because more sacred and solemn, of course, there must be a wedding dress etiquette myself, or sweeping to discuss.

Korean fish tail tail wedding

This kind of fishtail wedding gives a noble, elegant, mature feeling, with a narrow design ideas, the following vivid expression of the beautiful man's tail skirt, let the bride's good body to show.

formal dresses Trendy translucent net yarn design, looming to express the mysterious beauty of the bride, unique flying sleeve design, light and elegant, large butterfly elements to join, more romantic, beautiful.

Ladies wedding dress 2017 new

Princess type wedding, by layers of white yarn + pompon skirt shape modeling, heritage for many years, without losing the classic, upper body fit, lower body loose, not only reflects the bride's lively and yet a small woman's cute and lovely.

Exquisite three-dimensional lace rose gives the visual impact, elegant and elegant, irregular wave skirt design, like a blooming rose petals, romantic and full of Xianqi children.

The wedding dress of the bride

Long before the long design, although inherited for many years, but it is fully integrated into the popular wedding design this year, spare no effort to show the bride extraordinary extraordinary posture.

Sexy shoulder design, with the nature of nature, elegant and outstanding, special waist design, filling the bride perfect curve, back plus size wedding dress strap design, beautiful and generous and sexy integration, wear off more convenient.