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National Day will be married, put on the first four dress
Wedding new evening dress

Wedding new red cheongsam Chinese small evening dress, fine workmanship, still able to wear out the Oriental women's unique classical temperament, improved small dress dress, flat skirt cut, formal dresses fine printing cocktail dresses lifelike.

Traditionally, the cheongsam is mature women wear, so after improved style printing, so that girls can wear classical cheongsam, show oriental women unique temperament.

Womens wedding dress waist tattoo wedding small tail

dresses for women So that people who wear it look more slender and beautiful, this wedding dress with a waist-type, lace has been a woman's heart love, lace so that women look more gentle and beautiful.

The wedding dress with a small tail, this wedding with a 3D cut, to create a perfect stature. This wedding design is very thin Queen line, so that the waist and figure more slender slim, body sculpting effect to achieve excellent.

Wedding dress short paragraph toast service

Wedding dress short paragraph toast, Korean version of the small dress Slim dress, carefully designed fashion modeling, coupled with the chest diamonds embellished more prominent high-end quality, this section for the new version of the skirt body, fine texture, combined with lace yarn to force The splicing of the princess who won the favor, life lively to give elegant temperament.

Wedding dress short paragraph toast, girls are good heart, driving the fashion industry's elegant, Korean version of the small dress Slim dress, lace silk dress, combined with Smart skirt, even more beautiful.

Fish tail long section was thin marriage engagement dress

Many prospective bride in the choice of toast service are desirable dignified and generous, but also take into account the small sexy, of course, but also to show the bride's elegant temperament. Elegant fashion, romantic retro lace, soft and elegant skirt, pure color is more and more favored by the bride, filling your little woman taste.