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Light and romantic long tail wedding, to create the sacred level of the sacred wedding hall
The word in the back of the sleeves lace trailing thin poncho skirt Department of veil

Wedding, the hearts of a woman's dream, and a good wedding more let you wear clothing noble and elegant temperament, piercing exquisite charming posture, take a look at the latest 2017 wedding dress, let you be the most beautiful bride!

A wedding dress

Blossoming exquisite floral flower, indulge in the gorgeous spring color, the sunset pink wedding dress blooming in the white gauze above, to create a luxury color long tail, fashion goddess Fan explosion table. Pink powder, lilac, light yellow petals frown, different colors shoulder collision feast for the eyes, showing a vibrant, light and romantic dream of the big tail, full of stunning.

Lace of big lace wedding dress

Luxury lace long tail wedding, full of gorgeous visual impact, come to the fore, instantly freeze your beauty, to create holy and elegant wedding. The new trend style and excellent craft cut, with smooth smear elements, and the beloved goddess to enjoy a sincere noble and respect for elegance.

Flowers nail beads princess tail wedding

Deluxe Edition + stunning long tail detail, do not live up to the meaning of fine! Semi-transparent hazy yarn, from the moment to see the skin, the charm will be quietly upgraded. Gold proportion of the A-shaped design, clever cover the body of small meat, excellent tolerance does not pick the body. You are the most noble and elegant bride.

beach wedding dress Long tail wedding formal dresses dress

Elegant lace word shoulder design, revealing the beauty of stunning lines. Light and ethereal long tail, Xianqi full, upper body like a fairy mortal in general. Exquisite lace, smoke like fog chiffon, multi-color lace strands, in the dense between the projection of hazy, pink wedding dress flower-shaped is the focus of steal the spotlight, cents cents very!