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I dressed in a white tail wedding dress, become your life bride
blue wedding dress Striped wedding dress big Korean fashion feathers V-neck wedding dress

Feathers decorated with a cap collar, charming chest lines full of soft temperament, originality of white dress the cut, highlighting the slender waist, wearing a white gauze like a goddess, white yarn weaving a cloud-like feeling.

Qi V-collar large tail wedding satin wedding

European style is always dignified in the glamorous, satin and tulle against the background, embroidery and flowers intertwined, hollow out of the wonderful design, always make you the center of the wedding in the eyes.

T-shirt long-sleeved Qi was thin slim short wedding dress wedding dress

Romantic, exquisite sense of bursting white wedding dress, classic Bra style, profile is very cute, original slim version, wearing the effect was thin, slim back, medieval palace retro back, strap adjustable adjustable.

Qi to the shoulder V-neck pregnant women large size simple

You can use the high-quality water-soluble lace fabric, comfortable feel beautiful aesthetic, retro palace atmosphere, a certain range can be a lot of money, Adjust the elasticity.

Long tail tail was thin princess wedding

Simple and modern futuristic style, tens of millions of hand-dimensional three-dimensional flowers style, can play a breast augmentation, was thin, self-cultivation effect, the use of imported materials, petals will not fall off.

Marriage dress dress long tail

Exquisite lace embroidered upper body, with a touch of elegance and luxury, making the bride revealed chest, showing the perfect body, simple Korean Slim design so that each bride are super thin, more fully show the bride graceful posture.

Sleeve lace in the sleeves of the waist

The use of exclusive development of gold silk thread embroidery lace, the old master 20 years experience hand, fine moving, mosaic elements of the lace, pattern height imitation leaves the natural growth of the soft posture.