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How to wear a wedding dress when the bride is appropriate, you will know after reading!
Marriage when the bride wear what style, what style wedding dress is a big problem. Wear the appropriate will make you shine, on the contrary if the wedding is very ordinary you are wearing luxury exaggerated dress on some inappropriate. That married bride in the end how to wear it?

First, if the wedding is more grand, you should choose a veil and tail dress; wedding material can choose silk, satin or fur.

Second, the wedding if held in the formal dresses spring and summer season, simple dress as well, you can choose to wear lace or yarn material, such a season to wear this material wedding dress is very suitable.

purple wedding dress Third, if it is held in autumn and winter, should consider the use of wool or fur shawl, can keep warm, but also show grace and elegance. Also pay plus size wedding dress attention to the mix of gloves. For example, long to the elbow above the gloves for low-sleeved shoulder, sleeveless, vest and harness-style wedding dress, short gloves are suitable for matching short-sleeved wedding dress. And pay attention, wear can not be too exposed.

Fourth, the wedding at home or not very spacious hotel held, the wedding size of the scene is small, wearing a luxurious wedding dress will make people feel out of date, as long as the dress can be simple festive, and then some of the makeup, both beautiful and affinity.

Fifth, if the wedding scene in the above between the two, do not have to rigidly adhere to the formal dress, fashion beautiful wedding dress is a better choice. This kind of clothes will give people a refreshing feeling, and whether it is a shuttle between the feast toast, or stand on the stage rituals, or held a ball, are very convenient.