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How to wear a wedding dress to create a beautiful bride
Want to wear a wedding dress look more slender, how can you wear a wedding dress it? If the wedding is close, it is too late to lose weight. It does not matter, the following for everyone to introduce some methods, so you wear a wedding dress to grace graceful.

purple wedding dress Method one: make full use of wedding style: Bra wedding

Bra bust skirt is an excellent choice, it can show your chest, weaken your waistline, and hide the buttocks and thighs. And if you want to show your curve (or want to look like a kyphosis), then try the fishtail skirt. There is a style for all: A word skirt. It is in the chest and waist is the paste, and the skirt from the buttocks down to the soft start.

Method two: choose shaping underwear

Wear a wedding dress to wear what underwear? Want to make their own curves slender, underwear is the key. To avoid terrible bra skew, or want to squeeze out the beautiful cleavage line, it is necessary to try a professional bra, so as to choose the correct size.

Wearing a wedding dress can be thin and accurate points

Follow a few small suggestions, you can look up and tall and slender: First, keep the shoulder back quite If you find yourself clanking the neck (tired or nervous when we all short wedding dress will), then up a few short wedding dress times the shoulder, so relax the muscles, and then let the shoulders back tight. Try to straighten your back. To be still on the shoulders - you should feel the shoulders to the buttocks can be connected into a vertical line. If this line is oblique, then re-adjust your position.

Method three: increase the height: high heels

We will not lie to you to put high heels very comfortable, but it really is to make the body look more slim one of the most simple way. If you are worried about the feet easy to fatigue, then do not wear a cone heel, choose a pair more solid, such as wedge root. And do not choose too high with, do not let it more than 7 cm.

Method 4: how to wear wedding dress can be thin? Beautiful posture is very important

1, wedding photos is the most important template.

2, keep the shoulders back, chin slightly forward to show a beautiful jaw line.

3, it is best to turn the body slightly through an angle.

4, your shoulders and buttocks slightly toward the lens, the two staggered an angle, which can immediately close your waist and hip.

5, slightly open arms, rather than let them close to the side of the body. It is hard (especially if you have a bouquet all day!), But it is so good.