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How to choose the bridesmaid dress bridesmaid dress ten principles
1, let the bridesmaids choose their own dress

So that each bridesmaid to pick their own dress, it sounds some do not fit the actual, but the bridesmaids will certainly agree with this approach, because they will think you give them the same day to show the charm of the opportunity, but also to agree with their aesthetic Taste the feeling.

However, before doing so, there are still a few prerequisites to comply: First, in the dress color and fabric to give a unified request, so that bridesmaid dress will not seem to conflict with each other, but also harmonize with the bride dress; Second, give you think that inappropriate style, such as mini skirts, low-cut dress, etc., to persuade the bridesmaids as much as possible not to pick too sexy dress.

2, classic black bridesmaid dress

The beauty of the black dress naturally do not have to say, it can visually give a more slim, graduation dresses slim feeling, whether you are tall, is short, choose black dress will not be wrong. In this way, in determining a classic get the dress color, the style of the problem will be solved, and then discuss the issue of dress, you will find a lot less complaining the voice.

3, intimate price for the bridesmaid to save money

In the rumors complained that the longest hearing is the price is too high concern, although you have been very intimate to try to choose a moderate price dress, but if coupled with transportation, gifts, bachelor party, make-up, hair, etc. Many costs, for the bridesmaids is also a small sum of money, not to mention from other cities came the bridesmaid.

4, knee skirt most easy way

And choose the size of the bridesmaid dress, pick a long length of the dress can also avoid the second modification. Of course, they may also ask for minor changes to other parts, but at least do not have to wear too high heels in order to avoid being stumbled long skirt, different height of the bridesmaids who can be described as the best choice.

"Bridesmaids do not want to dress too fancy, grab the bride 's limelight, but they also hope that in front of many friends to show their most beautiful side.

5, home sandals clever use

Although you may feel a pair of silver petite dresses thin sandals, or a pair of black dress shoes is the best choice with the selected dress, but in fact the bridesmaid home should have good shoes can be used, such as a pair of black or metallic high heels is very hundred Take this way, you can save part of the bridesmaid cost. Finally, do not forget to let everyone with a pair of low heels or heels as a night party selection, so that everyone can liberation feet, enjoy dancing.

6, the bride try bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaids do not want to dress too fancy, grab the bride's limelight, but they also hope that in front of many friends to show their most beautiful side. The best way to experience the bridesmaid is to try the bridesmaid dress, the only way you can really sympathize with their feelings.

dresses for women If you personally try to find a place where there is discomfort, I think maybe you should continue to find a different style slightly, only after your own satisfaction to persuade the bridesmaids, Let them gladly accept your choice.

7, any bridesmaid free selection of accessories

Jewelry accessories is quite personalized single product, but also best embodies a person's personality. So encourage the bridesmaids with the heart of the accessories is a good practice, I believe you are because the bridesmaid's unique personality characteristics, and we met as close friends, is not it? I think even if you choose the bridesmaid dress is not their favorite, A pair of jewelry jewelry is also able to restore the bridesmaid's psychological feelings.

8, comfort can not be ignored

Whether a dress is comfortable is a very personal feeling, but in the choice of style, with some small mind, or can greatly enhance the comfort of the bridesmaid dress. For example, the chest is not very full of bridesmaids are not suitable for Bra-style dress, do not wear particularly pleasing, and will be involved in the extra focus on its safety.