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How to choose the bride wedding dress, three steps to choose the best wedding dress
Wedding dress selection is the beginning of the main look is the style and color, because each bride's body and features are not the same, we are suitable for the wedding dress are also different, like thousands of wedding dress to find the most suitable for their own Bride wedding, is indeed a vast project. But as long as we follow the following steps to filter, you can easily a lot.

According to the body selection of wedding dress style

For the fat of the bride, you can choose those who seem to be fluffy, but the lines of simple wedding dress, the appropriate dating is their indispensable cover up the weapon. But remember, jewelry can not be too complicated, large and simple accessories and neat hairstyle is more suitable for them.

And too thin bride can choose A word collar, so that the body can be more curved sense, a little thickness of the fabric and beautiful pattern dressed, can make them more "weight". In the ornaments can choose round or large necklace and headdress, do not choose slender, crystal clear accessories.

Style down to the ground and like umbrellas generally spread skirt, many girls are eager to wear, in the studio can take pictures of course, but in other places it seems not easy. Wedding day, should choose a little off the ground of the small skirt, or long and ankle was A word cut straight body bride wedding, this cheap wedding dress will be more convenient.

Fishtail skirt style wedding dress although looks beautiful, but it is indeed the most inconvenient action, this wedding is more pick people, so before deciding to choose carefully try and then love to decide.

bridesmaid dresses Do not be too rigidly adhere to the color of the wedding dress

Color wedding dress does not have to be pure white. With the changing trend of the world, wedding in addition to pure white, ivory, beige and other traditional colors, but also increasingly popular from pink, pink orange, pink blue, purple, pink and light gray. If you have the courage to try, will be dark green, jujube, deep purple ornaments decorated in pink wedding dress, the formation of strong colors of the dress, the effect dresses for women is very special.

In fact, the wedding is what color is not important, the prerequisite is to match the bride's skin color. Oriental skin color deep yellow, wearing a white wedding dress, will appear dark skin, wearing ivory will be more harmonious and natural, pink blue, pink and yellow and yellow skin can not be coordinated, but pink orange, pink green and yellowish color match The As for the skin rosy, or bronze skin, wear pure white will look good, especially the latter, with the groom's tuxedo, suddenly a different glory.