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How to choose the beach wedding dress
Now a lot of new people will choose the beach wedding, then the beach wedding, bridal wedding dress how to choose the right? Need to pay attention to what? The following look at the next wedding dress selection skills introduced it.

1. The outline is simple

When the sea breeze blowing, when the sunset, you absolutely do not want to be trapped in this one large and stiff like Cinderella dress. You should be free, easy as the surrounding environment, so that dress and the environment with the integration. A simple strapless dress, barefoot or wearing a simple decorative sandals, you are the audience the most beautiful focus.

beach wedding dress 2. turned into the sun under the sexy wizard

Because your wedding is not held in the church, there is no need to wear red dress so complicated and solemn, choose a show your body of the wedding, whether it is dew exposed or exposed legs, are to make you sexy and elegant way (and In the sun you will not be so hot). And then with a simple and elegant necklace, so you can more elegant sexy.

3. Choose light and elegant fabrics

Of course, you want your heart to melt when your husband says his oath, but do you want to make your exquisite makeup go along with it? Of course not! So when choosing a wedding dress, choose to use the soft, soft snow Spinning made of fabric like silk can keep you cool.

4. Choose two-piece wedding dress

Now break the traditional two-piece wedding more and more by the bride's favorite, nothing more than the beach wedding more suitable for this leisure but luxury, there is little cool wedding.

5. sunscreen

Sunscreen on the beach is a very important course, the bride's wedding is beautiful, you can expose the shoulder and there will be sun damage, choose a wedding dress and a small shawl to protect their own shoulder it, to the night there The effect of insulation, serve two purposes A match with a bridesmaid dresses small shawl can also make you more elegant.