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How does the bride choose a wedding dress?
Pregnant bride how to choose wedding dress? The bride before the wedding to pick a good wedding dress, pregnant bride because of the reasons for the body, how to choose short wedding dress the right wedding it?

1, choose the wedding to be loose can not be tight especially belly

For pregnant women, the clothes of the most important requirements, is to be comfortable and comfortable, the requirements of the wedding dress is also true Some of the fishtail clothes, they are more wrapped in the body, belong to you want to breathe a little bit of gas to fit your clothes to wear good clothes, which is for pregnant women can not choose. They feel good clothes, are generally the waist line is not very obvious, or not rely on the waist and only waist suture their own a little contraction of clothes, this dress is more in line with their requirements. And for pregnant women, the clothes must not be belly, belly where there can not have loose line contraction, which is very fat on the stomach, and may hurt the baby inside the stomach.

2, wedding fabrics less use of yarn quality satin silk

Pregnant women's clothes, fabric is also more important. Because pregnant women during pregnancy his skin condition is very fragile, it is easy to allergies. In the wedding dress, the yarn quality of the clothes are always so little poke and a little hard, in fact, for pregnant women will not be too comfortable. Pregnant women because of their own body is not comfortable, so the best choice of satin and silk so relatively smooth and gentle fabric, feels more gentle, and these fabrics are generally easier to do some of the thick Body modification is also very good.

3, the best wedding dress has the front cover

If the pregnant bride pick the wedding, in fact, still hope to be able to choose to try to help their belly hidden clothes, so the front of the clothes, especially around the abdomen, in fact, quite demanding. In general, it is best to have wrinkles to block, in the abdomen where the formation of visual illusion, or in the stomach there are some patterns of rendering, but also can wedding dress play to cover some of the stomach effect. Moreover, the effect of such clothes are generally loose under the loose type, clothes or very suitable for pregnant women.

purple wedding dress 4, wedding can not be too long too heavy

Pregnant bride, whether it is energy or physical strength is very limited, so the choice of clothes must also be more light compared to the convenience of wearing clothes. Like a lot of people like the kind of a few meters long care, in fact, usually because of the above a lot of broken and long after the pendulum is very long and look very heavy clothes, such clothes to pregnant women to wear, will be very tired, Uncomfortable. Moreover, the clothes of the hem of the pregnant woman is not too long, like some dress, skirt in front of the hem need to step on high heels but also do not step on the kick, so it is not suitable evening dresses for pregnant women, if stepped on the clothes, that can It is a very dangerous thing.