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Have their own unique STYLE
According to the style, according to personal face, according to personal temperament to choose their beach wedding dress own STYLE, if you have never tried to have a gentle feminine hairstyle, then the wedding day can use this form, these are full of unique dynamic worthy of new people to try A test, the amount of your front to touch the bangs combed to the ear side, loose tied live, big waves of the hair will make the bride looks very gentle and feminine, but this section is best with the hair Wedding dress.

If the face is larger sister, decisive to give up the fancy, bangs, Peng Peng's shape, that will only head, face look bigger, the second half of the wedding itself is a big puff, and must try to keep the upper half Slim, hair more concise the better. Fish tail, or the former short after the long package of the wedding can choose to distribute, plate hair is too dignified, you can distribute with lively or elegant jewelry showing a different style.

Harbin wedding photos

petite dresses Walking in the forefront of short wedding dress fashion, we all know the right hair for everyone's importance, but different hair for different people, the role is not the same, everyone has their own hair, Find their own unique hairstyle, highlight the different personality. Especially when our bride in the choice of hair when the more able to show the characteristics of the bride. The perfect hair will make the hair look obedient and smooth, there will be no ho ho messy feeling, if the bride's hair to the shoulder or longer are the best, when the hair comb slightly lower , Of course, must be centered, the proposed bride with a teardrop type or pearl chandelier earrings.If you just short hair, you can be bold, choose this full hair ornaments decorated shape, novel and yet noble, but also "old age" Good meaning.

With hair bands to make hair will make the bride look more fashionable, of course, this hair is very good hair and hair to be thick, the length should always, mainly to make the side of the hair in the ear, this will let The bride's face looks more perfect, but this section hair with crystal hairpin and earrings. This hair is loose and elegant, more suitable for the beach wedding or dinner, but this section with hair satin jewelry hair ornaments hairline star Diamond earrings will be better.