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Forget the age, wear dress skirt are fairies
red dress New fashion strapless dress

Although this skirt is not very complicated and very fancy, but it really conquered me, I belong to the lower body of the fat people, 98 pounds to wear the S number, that is not tight, but also very thin. High waist design, elongated the proportion of the lower body, put on after the temperament multiplied, walked back and forth two laps, found the skirt particularly elegant.

Waist slim slim skirt

Puff Sleeve hit the loose pin leaf cuffs, cover the meat fashion. Waist tight, Slim was thin Multi-layer lotus leaf collar, sweet age. The entire skirt flocking wave point, simply beautiful do not have to!

Light blue chiffon lace dress

Shirt fabric is very soft, embroidery is also good, the coat is three-dimensional flowers, a very real with a very pearl on the pearl, pleated skirt design was very thin, which will not evening gowns be lined inside.

Slim beach wedding dress hollow lace dress dress skirt

Embroidered lace V-neck dress, elegant temperament, sexy sultry. Hook flowers hollow beauty of the United States, behind the invisible zipper, easy to wear off Oh

Temperament white chiffon skirt fairy dress

Lace stitching chiffon skirt, the front collar circle has a layer of Dingzhu, as well as diamond Oh. Right side of the invisible zipper, easy to wear off.

Decoration is a small dress

Three small flowers decorated, sweet and lovely. Waist bow decoration, waist was thin

Temperament Slim short-sleeved dress

Lace hollow dress, the right side of the invisible evening dresses zipper, easy to wear off. Skirt with cloth, to prevent the light.