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Favorite wipes fitted, colorful dress beautiful fried beach wedding dress days
plus size wedding dress Red is a more beloved color, and her cheerful and lively personality is very ride White lace beam body, tulle micro-transparent, wedding also the kind prom dresses of this. Red is our Chinese girl wedding color, can be painted chest should not choose. Beautiful and romantic. Metal and silk with the perfect match, sometimes mature and elegant, sometimes sweet and lovely.

Wide leg pants, high waist elongated stature, splicing collar collar fashion, sweet woman boss went red carpet. And pleated long sleeve wedding dress silk dress, whether it is color or exposed and do not reveal the clever ride, are called perfect. Pure beauty. Simple is fashion. Blue is also pure. Shoulder and leg lines are good!

Gray was noble. Silk and yarn mix and match, embellished on the BLINGBLING embroidery, such as the stars in the night sky. Pink Swan.

Skirt from the chest line began to extend below, as the general high waist pants, high waist skirt, like the effect of elongated stature. In the appearance of the main trend to the temperament and the goddess of the line. To stature for every kind of women, height part of the most suitable for petite, want to stretch the stature of women.

Short before and after long

Long before the long design itself has a playful sense, suitable for natural temperament lively and playful women wear. As the front skirt will reveal a short leg lines, so also need to wear this wedding dress women have a pair of nice legs. In addition, the length of the front skirt basically have to be above the knee to be able to appear leg lines long enough, if the knee may be careless legs below. With high-heeled shoes and legs and legs of the auxiliary, this section of the wedding can also make petite women effectively stretch the proportion of the legs.

Luxury sweet big trailing shoulder wedding dress

Delicate lace soft yarn, soft lace pattern clouds, soft mesh with, the skin of the place, smooth and delicate; sexy shoulder design, elegant and charming, slightly exposed clavicle, small exposed sexy.