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Fashionable wedding dress, choose the right wedding dress
Wedding, the bride wedding dress is essential, want a nice bride wedding dress, then look at these bride wedding dress pictures, together to understand the next.

Soft and elegant fabrics, chiffon, lace delicate charming, light floating wedding fabric will become the main fabric this season, with large ribbon, elegant and generous full of feminine.

plus size dresses Full of spring flowers decorated, especially rose decoration more prominent than ever, hundreds of three-dimensional flowers stitched together, soft petals decorated with romantic wedding.

Especially the small details of the frilly, lotus leaf design, the sleeves on the subtle fringes or asymmetric frilly folds, very feminine details, these special design details make women full of gentle feminine, make wedding more lovely.

Speaker skirt skirt at the bottom into a horn shape, self-cultivation style with the same type of mermaid. There are maxi dresses slim figure of the bride who must try this type of wedding. (Mermaid style is more personal, close on the knee, and then in the tightest place where the skirt gradually up) in addition to the legs of the bride can choose a short paragraph wedding, both lively and lovely and easy to walk.

Standing collar retro cheongsam is full of elegant style, enchanting lines split out of the charming waistline. Carefully cut more thin, very consistent with the Chinese women's Oriental classical beauty.

Son, daughter's wedding life only once, my mother and why not? So do not think that wearing a good look will grab the daughter of the limelight, and not necessarily only red when it is suitable for marriage to wear, this fresh blue cheongsam is actually more dignified, more elegant.

This kind of tender red dress pink is particularly temperament, but also obvious skin. The most important thing is in the cheongsam on the basis of careful improvement, so the whole looks very dignified, put it in this wedding you can also become a bright one.

After all, is such a festive festival, of course, the red clothes, of course, ~ beautiful lace with sexy lotus leaf, proper a fishtail skirt, will not be too sexy it? Really super-show it!

Now married not only the bride repeated frequent changing clothes, even the parents of both sides, after all, only once experienced life, who do not want the wind and light ah! Skim the thick red, this light green is very noble, refined! Collar plate buckle really is particularly delicate, it seems the whole clothes are very atmospheric!