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Fashion retro word shoulder wedding, veil filled, romantic and elegant
A flattened princess wedding dress

Marriage is a woman's inner gentle, quietly in the heart of a woman dormant, waiting for a gust of wind, until the heart was swaying, blowing the wedding dress fluttering ~ delicate hand lace, like flowers , Like butterflies white dress butterfly, dream beautiful, full of magic ~

Cherry blossom flowers, pink petals, thin slices, clearly visible, pearl flower, delicate and exquisite, round and lovely; thin net yarn under the beautiful skin is not exposed, light net yarn stacked skirt, round your beautiful Princess dream.

Fashion dream princess pompong dress wedding dress

plus size wedding dress Delicate three-dimensional lace embroidery as if falling on the flower of the roses, tender and beautiful, irregular wave skirt, like a blooming rose petals, romantic Xianyi, retro color, rendering like a fairy.

The use of the ancient Roman period ladies favorite V word shoulder design, exquisite fashion, dignified and elegant and easy to avoid the general easy to slide and arm lift and other embarrassing accident. Imports of yarn material, static is drape, the line is elegant, veil filled, romantic Xianyi, let you instantly out of the gentle and moving.

Retro Slim to the wedding dress

The use of the European Renaissance ladies ladies favorite word shoulder skirt, shoulder laurel with a word shoulder design, revealing charming incense collar clavicle, then the laurel spread on the wedding.

Asymmetrical beautiful lace waves, Smart and reveal the retro domineering, soft yarn skirt on the scattered Daphne panic run, accidentally fall of the laurel, is so poetic, it is reminiscent.

Ladies long sleeves lace tail wedding dress

Very elegant cents cents a wedding dress, sexy lap design, revealing the delicate clavicle and neck white, lace lace embellishment, it is charming; in the long-sleeved design, modified arm lines, even more slender soft.

Waist type, retro strap design, but also highlights the graceful posture, long tail, hazy net yarn, light and romantic, filling the bride's noble and elegant dresses for women temperament.