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Every girl dreams of having a dress skirt and formal dresses a meeting
Was thin dress skirt

lace wedding dress Exquisite aristocratic wind a skirt, suitable for wearing in the air-conditioned room, high-grade fabric, a touch of light, big pai design sense of the bow. Upper body was extremely pure and noble! In addition to attend the dinner, attend the party can wear, life is very real wear style!

Elegant ladies dress

This dress, is no frugality can easily get the fashionable single product! Square collar, both sides of the shoulder to join the lotus leaf embellishment, elegant Smart, waist hollow cut. Slightly exposed skin, personality in a little sexy. Slim version plus just the skirt length, the overall decent, elegant and charming!

Sleeveless fairy dress

A tassel feather skirt, flower girl dresses become your street shooting style of the wild artifact! Perhaps because every woman is an angel on their previous life, so wedding dress the feather element really no resistance. Pure, light, like a woman's heart as gentle and quiet, bringing a thick dream atmosphere, gentle and retro, clean and soft colors, pure and elegant, elegant temperament, simple and neat version of the type, comfortable and really wear, upper body Also particularly thin, do not pick the body!

Sleeveless red dress

Can not stop the sweet romantic atmosphere, the red hue with a full romantic passion, the upper body of the people wu than gorgeous, sleeveless style fresh and neat. Skirt layers of yarn yarn lotus leaf stitching, slightly upturned out fluffy profile shape, pleasant Jiaoqiao, bright and warm, upper body to attract the audience eyes ~ ~

Lotus leaf cuff skirt

Delicate net yarn, somewhat hazy light Yi, sort of misty ethereal, upper body has a graceful graceful gesture, magnificent visual sense, charming posture! Magnificent visual sense, charming posture! Layers of wood ears, just right of the gentle, revealing obedient little girl breath ~

Knitted temperament dress

Striped this fashion element for a long time to the United States for many years, with a refreshing posture to conquer a large number of beauty, the yarn-dyed process Crochet color stripes, distinctly divided the skirt body ratio, unique level. Refreshing color, interpretation of a effortless fashion sense, the design point: shoulder stitching design, the formation of strapless effect, and wrapped shoulder vision was thin!