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Every bride has a piece of their own Chinese dress, wedding dress with how to better
Now the Chinese wind intensified, many people married to choose the Chinese style wedding dress and did not choose Western-style wedding, but also the use of Chinese style, so now full of classical charm of Chinese dress by more and more new people welcome, believe Many people are not very clear about how Chinese style dress which style, marriage, of course, to choose a Chinese dress slightly

1: meticulous small lapel full of retro soft, gorgeous embroidery exquisite noble more elegant temperament, multi-layer retro fold more elegant temperament, beautiful front hanging to show the traditional beauty of China.

2: This dress is relatively more gentle atmosphere, a large area of ??embroidery more luxurious and noble, retro small stand collar dignified atmosphere, exquisite skirt more high-end quality, but also to wear new people wearing different temperament.

3: very dignified atmosphere of the small lapel, Li Xian elegant elegance of the noble temperament, retro buckle and exquisite embroidery full of oriental feminine beauty, the use of high-grade silk fabric version of the type is more crisp type.

evening dresses 4: a very beautiful Chinese wedding dress, overlapping sleeves and waist design is not only thin still cover the meat, retro buckle design more classical temperament, exquisite front hanging more beautiful and unique.

5: pure hand of the retro buckle plus Feng Peony classic embroidery more noble, more self-cultivation tailor was thin and tall.

Beautiful dress must be beautiful wedding shoes to embellish its beauty, then what kind of wedding shoes look good style you know?

Gold thread buckle flat bridal shoes

About to enter the hall of the pro who will point a small tension ~ wedding ceremony, clothes are ready, but wedding shoes do? Different wedding dress with a different wedding shoes ~ Xiaobian specifically to the pro to send "blessing" ~ those small friends to the message also pay attention to Kazakhstan ~ Xiaobian wish the world lovers get married, white "shoes" old, hee hee ~

Red side stickers pearl wedding shoes

Today, with the wedding, the fashion bride have enough confidence to keep the wedding shoes change the trend. The pursuit of fashion you, when entering the wedding hall, may wish to style, color, pattern on the start, so you easily get rid of pure white shoes on the monotonous, creating elegant, noble taste.

Super beauty red with bride wedding shoes

Ultra-beautiful red flat heels, classic Chinese red Stereo flower decoration is no longer monotonous. Let the bride beauty outstanding.

Flash drill lace flower flat bridal shoes

The pursuit of fashion bride, in the bride into the wedding hall before the election, to choose a pair of elegant plus size wedding dress wedding shoes with. Three-dimensional lace flowers, sweet and time, the bride wear noble and charming.

Chinese wedding has gradually become the first choice for everyone to marry, many people in the dress and jewelry will choose Chinese, in addition to good-looking, but also to meet the parents of the generation for the traditional love, and now the Chinese design more and more good, Past style is completely different, bridesmaid dresses I believe in the near future, the proportion of Chinese will go beyond the Western-style.