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Embroidered dress, out of the limelight, a woman need to treat yourself
Chiffon embroidery dress

Loose version of the type, is the release of different women the greatest goodwill, cover the meat was thin, but also have a tranquil and comfortable, unmatched seclusion of the state. A touch of purple, reveals an innate noble temperament, waist side of the dotted with exquisite embroidery, full of beauty is the pursuit.

petite dresses Lace embroidery dress skirt

But also too late to watch, it was this piece of dress rolling to the United States to shock the shock, dressed in long skirts can always wear clothing with their own unique beauty. Slim package hip version of the type, the female graceful to enjoy the show. Body of heavy industry embroidery, is the whole piece of dress rolling beauty of the largest source, beautiful retro mood.

Cheongsam stand collar embroidery skirt

Has always liked the style of cheongsam, the Chinese people have the best effect in wearing cheongsam. The Cheongsam stand collar, with the retro on the delicate deduction, graduation dresses extremely elegant. Skirt body is full of Chinese embroidery, a needle line is the tireless pursuit of the United States, the yarn above the embroidery embellishment which has a beautiful mood.

Long embroidery dress

Partial loose dress style, but there are waist, not too bloated. Classic round neck, reveals a simple fashion wild atmosphere, very taste. Favorite or this dress above the embroidery, is soft and graceful willow, reflected in the heart of each person on the lake, stirred up the infinite ripples.

Lace embroidery dress

High gray texture, so that this dress has a high above the light, to enhance the overall quality of the dress, elegant and elegant embroidery is the crowning touch, the most important. Collar is a wave-shaped lace collar, and the skirt at the tail of the fish phase is very simple, self-cultivation graceful package hip skirt, unlimited sexy, charm.

Lace embroidery dress

Especially like the color of this dress, is the world of indisputable lake blue, in this hustle and bustle of modern society, this temperament is a rare awakening. Long knee skirt, just modified the legs, beautiful and moving. Skirt body evening gowns above the large embroidery, is the whole dress where the attraction.

Lace embroidery dress

Pure black has unlimited possibilities, in women who can sexy charm, can be neat and capable. No doubt, this embroidery dress gives the impression that the high-end atmosphere, sexy charm.

Lace and hollow has an infinite charm, coupled with exquisite heavy art embroidery, is to let everyone can not resist the rolling charm, you deserve it.