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Elegant little fresh wedding pink wedding dress summer bride preferred
Summer, to want to be held in the summer wedding bride, the small fresh Fan wedding dress is appropriate, but if you like a small fresh style, then with Xiao Bian together to look at several elegant small fresh Wedding dress is not suitable for you

white dress Transparent collar wedding dress

Transparent collar has become a wedding trend, decorative lace pattern or three-dimensional flowers, increase the contrast of light and shade, even more sexy.

Retro Puff Sleeve Wedding Dresses

V-collar with exquisite small sleeves, looks very classic.

Tube Top wedding dress

Simple Bra painted skirt, in the fabric to add some gold and silver silk pattern decoration, immediately glowing charming luxury.

Shoulder short paragraph wedding

Exquisite lively short-sleeved wedding dress, light texture fluttering for cents, looks very aura.

Lace large wedding collar

Lace large V-neck wedding dress, simple lines set off fabric texture, with long pearl necklace enough to pick out.

Hanging neck style wedding dress

Classic hanging neck style of white yarn simple, elegant. In the neck at the exquisite decoration of a transparent texture of flowers, both the atmosphere and enhance white dress the grade.

Believe that many girls, from small to large must have been fantasy you dressed like a fairy tale like the princess style dress, standing in the church promised to marry the Prince of White Prince, and then he put on you with "pigeon eggs" diamond ring Hold the kiss. Today, Xiaobian for everyone to recommend several elegant small fresh Fan wedding dress for your reference, but also help you complete your princess dream ...