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Each set is beautiful to be a bridesmaid dress dress
White lace gives a kind of Xianqi fluttering feeling, wave edge of the lace design, elegant and elegant among the skirt show elegant feminine.

Floral Chiffon Dress

Fake two pieces of printed chiffon dress, lotus leaf and pleat element, chest lace design, very little feminine.

formal dresses Dress skirt white lace skirt

Combined with a popular word shoulder design, not only you let you cents take off, but also make you a little exposed point sexy.

Lace stitching dress

Hollow lace hook design, revealing the beautiful clavicle, skirt has a full Xianqi, exquisite elegant feminine.

A type lace dress

Elegant hollow design, highlighting flower girl dresses small sexy. Hollow lace skirt added feminine, coupled with the belt, showing charming posture.

Pink bow tie with lace evening dress

Waist made a bow tie, very cute and lovely, sleeves are perspective lace, also added a trace of a small sexy, pink system gives a sweet atmosphere.

Speaker sleeves with shoulder strap dress

In the shoulder to do the harness design, so go where you do not have to worry about the embarrassment of the decline in the shoulder, black upper body was casual dresses very tall. Trumpet sleeves Road, the role of modified arm, more slender.

Smoke gray bow tie with a long skirt

This dress is very hard, a dress to wear, you want to wear sexy sexy strapless, you can also tie the yarn in the back of a big bow, you can wear according to hobbies into a variety of styles.