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Each girl has a wedding dream, I love the wedding too
Princess dream blue wedding dress tailor court light Sen Department of simplicity

white dress Upper handmade lace diamond will make you become dazzling and charming. Elegant and generous, lace embellishment fashion romantic, light tulle, sexy showing a mature and elegant style, aided by the romantic lace flowers are luxury. Bridal back with a unique halter design, hazy sexy halter, looming, showing the beauty of sexy misty; three-dimensional exquisite lace flowers, filling the bride elegant elegance.

Fish tail Slim small trailing tail

Temperament a word shoulder design, highlighting the sexy clavicle curves and charming Xiang Shoulder, exquisite delicate lace pattern embellishment sequins beading even more elegant and moving, the palace-style manual strap design, the degree of freedom to adjust the tightness, waist plastic, a good figure Holding Elegant romantic fairy temperament of the white gauze skirt, three-dimensional multi-layer lotus leaf skirt full and three-dimensional, personal silk satin, comfortable to wear.

Bride princess dream word shoulder trailing Sen system color

Girl dreamy princess wind outlines for the bride a romantic world! There is a princess was a pet feeling. Perfect wedding dress, true love, every detail is pure hand-crafted build, absolutely amazing wedding scene! Romantic lace, pink flowers, like a fairy princess in the bush, let a person fall in love with you, light pink flowers, especially to meet a girl's heart. Give you a different romantic encounter, wearing a light luxury romantic design, and your prince Meet a romantic wedding!

A word shoulder fish tail wedding tail

Elegant yet sexy v-neck design, coupled with shoulder style, more stylish and sexy, self-cultivation design, highlighting your sexy, formal dresses small tail design, it is more luxurious and stylish, more goddess Van.

A word shoulder fish tail wedding tail

Pure white yarn skirt, clever interpretation of the gentle Jade beauty Jiao Niang! Smooth lace gauze, that is sexy and playful sweet style. Each girl should try fishtail wedding dress, it will tell you, how beautiful you are! Upper body graceful posture, walking between the unconscious reveals elegant elegance! Genuine cut waist, highlighting the slender waist, the ratio of the cut design, was significantly higher visual ratio was thin, fish tail trailing enchanting dynamic.