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Come on a retro wedding, are you ready?
Retro luxury just in the fashion circle blowing a whirlwind, and now, and swept the wedding fashion. Marriage is a big thing in life, which girls will not want their day to crown the audience, this time the selection of wedding dress is particularly important. If you want both sexy and want to be sweet and dignified and generous, but also not the same, always some trouble and very sweet things.

purple wedding dress The most people want to cry this moment than the bride and groom more than 24 hours did not meet, the first time to see the beloved woman wearing a wedding to the touch, with thoughts of mixed feelings of life is about to have a new page of excitement, Let the groom could not help but reveal the choking expression, I believe that many people like me just from the photo is very able to feel this touch Ah! It is because we want everyone to be able to move to the number of bride under the motives only for the United States and the United States. However, the most important wedding dress are right? Choose the classic wedding style is the most insurance, but not everyone is applicable.

I am fascinated by retro, in the past simple and beautiful age, has a simple and durable beauty. In order to allow yourself to have a group of timeless retro wedding, do homework in advance is necessary.

On the retro, I am not sure, is deliberately uncompromising attention, or that grace to bring the beauty of the slow, so I always praise. Time is such a thing, such as the flow of sand, the last era of a woman, catch the faint smile, unknowingly put this era we were lost. Retro elements can always bring a unique aesthetic style of the wedding, this elegant and elegant beauty, so many new European and American crazy. We look at the composition of retro wedding several important elements.

dresses for women Headdress

Before the bride shape is not so much jewelry, simple wreath, with the long hair, is to achieve the simplest way to retro style.


Past women in order to add a sense of mystery, at the party will wear veil, revealing the elusive sexy. Ancient style of the bride on the proposed decoration is not too fancy, focus on the veil on the lace can be carved.

Wedding shoes

Boys can choose Oxford shoes, brown leather shoes, girls may need to choose a formal dresses pair of pointed high heels and wedding dress. Super flash diamond, with side empty design, elegant sexy, diamond-based decorative elements, shining bright light. You have to prepare a pair of flat shoes, because the wedding time will be very long, in order to be able to hold down you have to put on a pair of shiny rivet shoes, the same elegant sexy. Retro Chinese wedding shoes, pictorial symbol of good short wedding dress luck, rich and expensive. There are flat with a variety of high can choose to meet the different needs. With the traditional Chinese wedding dress with a very, will give you an unforgettable Chinese retro wedding.

Wedding dress

Heavy heavy industry, put on the body is very immortal ah, very resistant to see the purple and purple, used as a wedding can also shoot the effect of retro art, the key is usually can wear ah. The buckle is a big focus, 9 points skirt length, bohemian-style sleeves, rich lace and high collar are to create retro little secret. Retro hollow wedding, so that women are deeply intoxicated, romantic story perfect points, complete your fairy tale wedding.

Most of the bride will choose a white wedding dress, white represents pure and elegant. But in the toast section, you can choose a black dress, look elegant and elegant. A high-grade velvet cheongsam, not down cashmere, has excellent wrinkle evening dresses resistance, flexibility and dimensional stability, good insulation properties. Wearing a thin body, can modify the figure curve. The key is very much a lot of size for a variety of stature sister.

Remember for your maids also selected the right dress, waist open mouth exposed umbilical, unique design do not have the style, mesh fabric is very breathable,