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China and the United States fine dress design, let your charm upgrade
Dresses are generally used in formal occasions, exquisite design, soft silhouette, smooth curve ... so that you always exudes graceful female charm. Become the focus of thousands of attention. If the woman wearing a wedding dress is the most beautiful, then the dress only second. Different styles of dress design, let you distribute a unique feminine charm, highlight the different queen.

Asymmetric shoulder design

Shoulders play an important support for the clothes, but also be concerned about the more parts. Want to be a great attentive, design sense of shoulder dress is very important. Asymmetrical shoulder dress, showing a sense of bone clavicle, the female charm wanton bloom. Regardless of the shoulders and shoulders, in the exposed shoulder beautiful curve at the same time, will want to look for sexy interpretation of the dripping delicate.

Red skirt added a playful black bow, it is the spirit and fashion will be complex design unity in the simple color of the various parts are complement each other will petite dresses not play simple, fashionable, modern. Oblique shoulder design, highlight the perfect curve of the shoulder, more able to highlight your personality, modern trend goddess red dress Fan children. Gray hair warm luster, self-cultivation design, the atmosphere of the cut, in the ordinary gray on the interpretation of fashionable noble atmosphere, oblique shoulder design so that sexy clavicle more charming, from another level of interpretation of sexy.

Chest geometry design

The chest was hollowed out of the design, so that has always been dignified and elegant dress began to distribute "" not serious "atmosphere, geometric graphics show, vivid woman's sexy and rational display of undoubtedly a small area of ??skin exposed to the point of sexy The chest of the geometric hollowed out, showing the unique sexy charm of the chest.

Back strap design

graduation dresses The past two years, the fashion circle blowing the banding elements of the wind, from the T station catwalk, to the clothes, accessories. All the time not to see the traces of her trend. Large area of ??the naked back to bring people unspeakable stunning and temptation, add a few hot in the back of the banding elements, add the back exquisite curve, full of tone. Charm sexy to join the female beauty care machine.

In the summer, halter style also began to boast up! Beautiful halter style is not only fresh, the focus is very sexy ah! Plus the hot banding elements, so that the back curve is more perfect highlights, sexy is not just a little bit = point. Back to do with the cloth drawstring to do the 4-wire shoulder strap and then on the shoulder strap with a layer of the same color yarn is live Oh, looks more Xianqi. The hem is a big sunset than 360 degrees, whether it is wind or moving will be particularly beautiful.

Fake two pieces of style design

Green color, as if you placed in the middle of the water, spring water green skirt long, two clothes, lining the skin if the snow, lining tenderness hundred turn ileum, green water ileum, fake two-piece visual vision, highlight Mysterious, charming and elegant atmosphere.

Perfect 5D Slim three-dimensional cut, your body stretched to the extreme, black silver embroidery and black silver embroidery, resulting in false two illusion both visual sense, looming.